Flash Post: Page Turner

What It Is: True story about the CGG. Sometimes I find items on other sites, then search for the best possible option when it comes to shipping / price…that often means spotting things on US sites and looking for them on Canadian ones after. That brings me to today’s pick: the Book Lover’s Gift Set by Mudlark. This prettily-packaged set includes a velcro-close journal where you can jot down favourite quotes, make a list of books to read, or track how many books you’ve read by a favourite author. It also features two matching magnetic bookmarks, or alternatively, sticky-note page markers, and 20 labels to ensure those books you lend out to friends and family never go missing.
Who It’s For: I feel like a broken record, but Mother’s Day is an apt occasion for this sweet set, especially if you’ve got a bookworm for a mom. If your best friend in your book club has a birthday on the horizon, consider this an ace choice as well. Alternatively, get everyone in your book club to chip in $2-$5 for the chance to walk away with the prize in a random draw (or offer it up as a hostess gift for your next gathering).
What It Costs: As per my opening line – full disclosure.  I originally spotted this set for $25.95 in the US (with $22 shipping). In Canada it sells for $29.99 (with free shipping). The designs are slightly different – I included the US one as the preview image which you can see by clicking here – but the contents are the same.
Where It’s At: In America, at the lovely gift shop Patina. In Canada, at, where else, a book lover’s paradise – Indigo.

3 Responses to “Flash Post: Page Turner”
  1. Talex says:

    Always open for new gift ideas – for any time of year. Thank you for sharing. #cgg

  2. Sophia says:

    Nice find — very pretty gift set! #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    This would probably be a great gift for me! I have a “To Read” list on my computer, and log read books at Goodreads. I have also lent books to a friend and have asked for them back a number of times, only to be told she doesn’t know which books are mine! A great suggestion! #CGG

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