10 for $10: May 2012 Edition

Another month, another 10 ideas that are $10 & under for your gift-buying pleasure. As always, shipping isn’t included – but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

Stem – $4.99 @ Quirky
Never break out that pesky citrus juicer again with this innovative kitchen gadget from the masterminds at Quirky. Simply insert into the fruit of your choice and spritz the juice directly onto your dish. Awesome for those chefs that love to take shortcuts in the kitchen.

Magnetic Sudoku for Kids – $7.95 @ Mastermind Toys
Road trip season is just around the corner, so keep the kiddies busy with this convenient magnetic Sudoku kit that simplifies the game a bit (only 6 numbers instead of 9) and still allows them to ‘pencil in’ their guesses with a dry erase marker. Great whether you’ve got kids of your own, or simply want to give some parents a break by gifting their kids.

Travelon Soap Sheets – $5.99 each for 50 Sheets @ Capital City Luggage
Saying bon voyage to a friend that’s taking that dream trip this summer? Send them on their merry way with these brilliant carry-on-friendly packets. Each one is stocked with 50 sheets that foam up in water, and dissolve when you’re done with them. You get to avoid the clunky ‘no liquids on the plane’ rule while simultaneously keeping cleanliness just a splash of water away.

HBC Collection Tote Bag – $10 @ The Bay
Got a thing for The Bay’s signature four-colour stripes? The normally luxury-priced line has a few surprisingly affordable tricks up its sleeves, including this roomy tote bag, perfect for filling with books from the library or fresh produce from the farmer’s market.

New Family Card – $9 @ Magic Pony
It’s a card + a gift, all in one neat little package that will be well appreciated by the demographic having babies these days. The inside is blank, leaving you plenty of room to gush about the family’s new arrival, while the buttons on the outside can be pinned so everyone knows just who’s in charge (hint: the baby).

Freeze Dried Neapolitan Astronaut Ice Cream – $3.97 @ the Astronaut Ice Cream Shop
Truthfully you can probably buy this at your local specialty candy shop or museum gift shop, but just in case, there is an entire online store dedicated to this novelty space age ‘treat’. If you’ve got a science nerd in your midst – young or old – that hasn’t tried this crunchy yet creamy stuff, pick up a package as a fun segueway-into-summer gift.

Feather Print Scarf – $9.50 @ Ardene
Sure summer may just be around the corner, but a ‘feather’weight scarf is just the ticket to dress up any outfit and give you a backup way to stay warm if a cool evening breeze sweeps in. Ardene has tons of cute options, but this pretty, neutral-coloured, feather option will fit into virtually any woman’s wardrobe.

Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life – $6.95 @ Amazon.ca
This tongue-in-cheek tome is a must-have for Nancy Drew fans – or simply your girlfriend that’s celebrating a milestone birthday. All those childhood years spent reading about Nancy’s (mis)adventures are actually the source for sound (and sometimes a little silly) insights. Packed with imagery from the books and fun tips & facts, this is a cute, affordable gift option for any gal pal.  

Computer Rearview Mirror – $9.95 @ Rolo
If you’re like me, then you *hate* having your back to the world while working on a computer. Apparently so do the whiz kids behind this nifty gadget – a brightly coloured attachable mirror that allows you to see when the higher-ups are hovering nearby. Pick it up for your favourite coworker, or gift your spouse when they start a new job.

Mini Signature Collection Duos – $7.50 each @ Bath & Body Works
These neat little pre-packaged gift sets are perfect for on-the-go gift-giving. Need a last-minute birthday or hostess gift? Stock up and you’ll never be shorthanded again. Each set includes a miniature version of some of Bath & Body Works signature scents in both a lotion & fragrance form. Perfect for tossing in the purse!

4 Responses to “10 for $10: May 2012 Edition”
  1. amymbrown says:

    I have to go find that HBC tote bag!

  2. Talex says:

    There are really novel ideas here, I’d love to have the citrus spritzer, the computer ‘rearview mirror’, and the Travelon Soap Sheets! You keep coming through with the great gift solutions. #cgg

  3. Emilia Turner says:

    I love Nancy Drew, going with my friends to buy the books, sharing, reading, saving the money to buy the books, adventures. Good books never go out of style, #cgg

  4. Holly says:

    I love the Nancy Drew book! i might have to get that for myself!

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