Culinary Concoction

First, Happy Mother’s Day! Although it may be cliche to think women & the kitchen go together (and I certainly have a handful of friends that prove otherwise), there’s still something classic about ‘mom’s cooking’ for most of us. Today’s gift idea is simply designed to ramp that up a little. If you’re still looking for a last, LAST minute gift, or you simply want to add on a little something extra to your existing gift, check out the new PC Black Label Cookbook, The Epicurean’s Companion.

This sleek, coffee-table inspired tome is packed with glossy photographs of mouthwatering recipes that use products from the new PC Black Label line, designed to bring gourmet ingredients to the masses. With recipes ranging from Moroccan Carrot Slaw and Parsnip Frites to Rigatoni Alla Norma and Pistachio & Honey Brittle, there’s something to suit every chef’s tastes and skill levels.

Of course, bonus points for the price – at only $9.99, this is a serious steal / fun add-on for whatever you’ve got planned for today. Want a tip? Do my favourite thing with cookbook gifts: pick a recipe (or two, or three), buy the ingredients, and make mom dinner to make her day that much more special. You can buy the book at select Loblaws / Superstores across Canada, or order a copy online right here.

2 Responses to “Culinary Concoction”
  1. Emilia Turner says:

    I like the big print. Easy to read when you are looking for the ingredients, I still like cook books too # cgg

  2. Susan says:

    Mmmm … that pistachio/honey brittle sounds yummy! #CGG

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