Pink Ladies

I don’t know what it is, but something about the month of May always screams PINK to me. Maybe it’s all the Mother’s Day garb or the blooming flowers or the spring clothing or even just the fact watermelon season seems to be in full swing again, but when I think of this month, I think of a pretty, classic pink. Apparently so do the brains behind today’s gift ideas, all of which fall under the prettiest, girliest shade in your everyday palette.

Balmshell Lip Gloss in Shoe Fetish – $20
Every woman needs a signature lip shade, and you’d be hard-pressed not to find one to like in Canadian brand Balmshell’s collection. Each tube also comes in uber cute packaging, with a floating graphic like those classic ‘moving’ pens that can be unscrewed and made into a keychain once you’re done with your balm. I gravitated toward this universally flattering shade of sheer, eye-popping pink known as Shoe Fetish, but browse their entire collection to find the perfect one for your best gal pal’s birthday pick.

World Traveler Wrap Bracelet – $28 @ Pree Brulee
I was hard-pressed to settle on just one pink item from my most favourite online jewelery shop, Pree Brulee, but I landed on this exotic-inspired leather & beaded bracelet for a number of reasons. For one, it’s not in-your-face pink, which some ladies may have an aversion to. For another, it comes in a dozen other shades, so you can mix and match and stack ’em for a complementary look to your already rockin’ outfit du jour. Finally, I like that it has great age range appeal. Your thirteen-year-old niece and sixty-three-year-old mother will each find a way to work this into their wardrobes, so snap it up as a birthday option.

The Original Pink Box PB2BELT Tool Belt (Pink) – $26.99 @
DIY need not be dominated by masculine khaki and navy – every you-can-do-it girl knows that there’s nothing wrong with injecting a little pink into their home project. While primarily designed for renovations with 24 pockets & a hammer loop, you can also slap this baby around your waist for easy access to craft supplies, makeup / hair tools, gardening, or whatever hobby has you on-the-move and constantly reaching for a little something to help you along. Makes a great housewarming gift for that friend that just bought her first fixer-upper.

ToyWatch Metallic Pink Watch with Stone Markers – $260 @ The Bay
Pops of colour are still style statement-makers, and an accessory is always an accessible way to bring a bright into a woman’s wardrobe. That being said, sometimes jewelry just isn’t practical, but a timepiece is practically always desirable – so bring in a boldĀ  colour through a metallic watch with sparkling accents. The watch combines menswear styling with a girly colour to appease all the gals on your shopping list.

Tea Strainer with Holder in Pink – $15 @ Burke Decor
Pretty up your work space / kitchen / reading nook with this elegant glass tea strainer, designed to brew a batch of delicious loose tea in minutes. Once you’re done, simply place the tea ball back into its holder to avoid drippy messes, or having to get up to deposit in the kitchen. A lovely option for friends & family alike, or even a coworker going through a rough patch.

3 Responses to “Pink Ladies”
  1. Hannah says:

    Pink = my fave colour! Love all of these pink picks today.

  2. Susan says:

    Wow — what fabulous finds! I like everything and think I need to get one of those fabulous pink tea strainers! Thanks for sharing these perfectly pink perfections! #CGG

  3. Emilia Turner says:

    That is the prettiest tool belt I have ever seen #cgg

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