Flash Post: Cocktail Chemistry

What It Is: An all-in-one chemistry set designed to help you brew the perfect cocktail. Including four ‘test tube’ shot glasses, a glass flask & stirrer, and a classic shaker, this standout set has a 60s throwback vibe that’s equally appealing to Bond fans (shaken & stirred baby!) and nerdaholics alike.
Who It’s For: Your brother’s graduation gift so he can upgrade from plastic cups, but still get his drink on. Your dad’s Father’s Day gift, as a manly piece of mid-century modern real estate in your otherwise mom-decor-dominated home. Your boyfriend’s birthday gift, along with a bottle of his favourite liquor.
What It Costs: A respectable $44.99
Where It’s At: Canadian retailer Lost Marbles.

3 Responses to “Flash Post: Cocktail Chemistry”
  1. Hannah says:

    Definitely an awesome find…I know a few guys (and gals) that would kill for this.

  2. Emilia Turner says:

    My neighbor would love this very Mad Menish love it #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    What a fun set — love the chemistry angle — maybe because my dad taught chemistry! #CGG

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