Pencil Me In

This is one of those posts that’s been bouncing around my brain as I cruise the internet for gift ideas, and here it is. Alive & well and ready for your enjoyment. Today’s focus, as you may’ve guessed, is pencils. Yes the humble writing utensil most frequently used by elementary school students and adult-aged illustrators, but also a fun throwback gift idea for your favourite friend…or even an idea for the end of the school year for your kid to gift to their favourite teacher. Without further ado, here are five pencil ideas for your personal enjoyment & pencilling.

 Designers Guild Pencil Set – $12 for 15 @ LIBASTYLE
These bold, graphic-print pencils are an eye-popping choice if arranged in a stylish writing utensil cup on your desk or console table, and their fash-pack approval makes them a perfect choice for the aspiring designer in your midst. Extra points for coming in a very cute package that simply needs a bow on top to be ready for gift-giving.

Typeface Pencils – $9 for 9 @ a. favorite design
I feel like I should rename this post to ‘pencil gifts for people who use pencils’. Another lead-writing lover are folks in the design world who are constantly making revisions and notes, and even illustrations the ol’ fashioned way every now and again. If they’re a true blue design type, they’ll dig these ode-to-typefaces retro pencils in Americana red, white, and sky blue, each emblazoned with a tongue-in-cheek saying about the beauty (or lack thereof) of the right font choice.

Smencils – $1 – $1.70 Each @
My inner child is DEMANDING to go back in time and have these in my trapper keeper / general school supply stash. As you’ve likely deduced, these are scented pencils, available in ten ‘classic’ smells like fizzy Root Beer and sugary Cotton Candy, as well as a variety of seasonal blends – Pumpkin Panic or Sugar Plum anyone? If that weren’t enough, they’re also incredibly eco-friendly since they’re made from recycled newspaper and plastic. Get a huge tub of 50 for $50 for your kid’s faculty, or gift a loved one with a smaller sampler set of their own.

Know It All Pencil Set – $10 for 6 @ Paper Pastries
Take these pencils in one of two ways – either as a legitimately brainy pick for your favourite niece or nephew, or as a slightly snarky option for your sibling or friend that’s headed off to college. Either way, each of these tres classique pencils will allow you to simultaneously jot down new knowledge while absorbing facts. Pretty magical, right?


Wizard Quotes Pencil Set – $11 for 6 @ trophies
Finally for all the boys & girls out there that wish they were sharpening their pencils for a lesson at Hogwarts as opposed to another year at the office or in school, these insider-knowledge pencils are a perfect pick for Potterheads everywhere. Featuring six legendary references to JK Rowling’s infamous series, plus two matching-coloured erasers (I know, I’m a nerd), this is a great option for the young and young at heart alike.

3 Responses to “Pencil Me In”
  1. I like those. Educational, curky and just fun.

  2. Emilia Turner says:

    Excellent, great gifts for students or anyone, for my office, #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    Wow — I never knew pencils could be so much fun! Would love to have some of these in my classroom! Love the Wizard Quotes Pencils and the Know It All Pencil Sets! #CGG

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