On The Straight & Narrow

A pretty, crafty gift idea for anyone looking for perfection – or at least, better than a hastily written down scrawl. Meet The Lettermate, a handy visual guide for addressing your envelopes.

Is That Write?

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or nervous to get your type on, this handy resource guide has insight on literally EVERY thing you could ever want to write.

Grammar Gurus Unite!

A perfect gift for the writer or grammar fanatic in your life – sassy plates with an educational purpose.

Flash Post: Express Yourself

Unspool your mind with one of these prompt-laden journals: whether you’re a writer, a doodler, a commenter, a thinker, or just simply want a break from worrying about all those little details in your life.

Flash Post: Pen There, Done That

Forget sharpening those pencils – these wooden, primary-coloured pens mimic the look and feel of a pencil, with all the modern-day appeal of a sleek pen.

Pencil Me In

What’s in YOUR pencil case, if I may ask? Hopefully after reading this post it’ll be one of these five collectible pencil sets – perfect for end-of-year school thank-yous or ‘you got into college!’ celebrations.

Flash Post: Brain Drain

Do your best moments of inspiration come when you’re soaking up some water? Never miss a brainwave again with this waterproof notepad!

Top 10 Loves

CONTEST ALERT! I’ve got a $50 gift card to the A.D.F.M. store to giveaway + ten fab ideas on what to spend it on.

A Novel Idea

Are you ready? It’s NaNoWriMo. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well whether you do or not, read on for an awesome gift idea for this most festive occasion.

The Simple Life

The Keel’s Simple Journal makes keeping track of your daily doings easy as pie. With a stylish look, affordable price point, and sweet sentiment, they are a perfect gift for a host of situations.

Get Rainbow Bright With The Marvy LePen

Marvy’s Le Pen collection gives you eighteen stunning, vibrant shades of smudge-proof writing delight. Perfect for those eager back to school beavers in your life.