Flash Post: The Holly Wood Bowl

What It Is: I feel like I’ve had this on my ‘to highlight’ list for a million billion years, so here they are: handmade bowls from Edmonton-based design collective, Loyal Loot. The bowls are made only from ‘reclaimed’ wood – aka trees that have fallen in storms, or been removed for construction for other purposes – and finished on the inside in a high-gloss, enamel colour. As nature dictates, no bowl is exactly like another, meaning you can customize your gift-giving to match various folks’ decor.
Who It’s For:  Your mom, as the finishing touch to her gorgeous renovated home. Your niece and nephew, as a keepsake wedding gift. Your spouse, to bring a little extra beauty into their life in your first house together.
What It Costs: The prices vary as much as the trees, but I’ve seen them start in the $75 range and go up to $250-ish.
Where It’s At: You can buy Loyal Loot’s bowls in a ton of places, but one such source is Vancouver shop Provide.

4 Responses to “Flash Post: The Holly Wood Bowl”
  1. sandy says:

    wow! i want all of them!

  2. aly3360 says:

    Love these!! Very cool. These would be perfect for a cottage.

  3. Susan says:

    What a great way to re-purpose trees that might have been mulched up instead. I particularly like the bowl showing the rings in the bottom. They look so bright and colourful all together! #CGG2

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