Flash Post: Swing Away

What It Is: Two very cute, kid-friendly tree swings designed to be rigged up and played on for hours. Made of sturdy wood and able to hold up to 100 lbs, these sweet swings are available in an outdoorsy leaf shape or a tire-swing inspired lady bug design.
Who It’s For: The grandkids, so they’ve got something to keep them occupied during their next visit. Your own kids, to string up at the lake house and play on in the summer months. Your niece or nephew that’s moving, so they’ve got something to look forward to when they arrive at their new place.
What It Costs: In Canada, $49.99 for the bug & $57.99 for the leaf (I believe it includes shipping). In the states, $29.95 each.
Where It’s At: I sourced both swings in Canada on Amazon.ca (leaf & ladybug), but you can also buy them direct from Sassafras, the manufacturer. Just keep in mind that although the US price may look lower, it probably doesn’t account for shipping / taxes / duties. Do some research!

One Response to “Flash Post: Swing Away”
  1. Susan says:

    These swings are super cute! I really like that they are wooden instead of plastic. Interesting how different the price points are between Canada and the U.S.! #CGG

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