Lawn Fare

Summer activities need not be pricy…in fact, you can get a lot of bang for your buck if you invest in one of today’s gift picks. Instead of a trip to the water park, a vacation, or even a day at the zoo, save a few dollars and have fun right in your own backyard with one of these five lawn-friendly games. They make wonderful gifts if you’re spending a week at a friend’s cabin, or a cool housewarming idea for your new neighbour, or best friend.

Tournament Master Volleyball & Badminton Set – $49.99 @ Canadian Tire
It’s hard to imagine that this tiny little kit has everything you need for not one, but two outdoor activities, but it does. Your whole family can suit up for a relaxing game of volleyball or badminton with this handy little bag, which includes a net, rackets, shuttlecocks, balls, and all of the reinforcements you’ll need to set up your backyard court. Ideal for a family with tweens or teens to bring ’em together for some summer fun.

Deluxe Croquet Set – $101.99 @
Get your inner aggressions out with this classic prepster game that has a little bite to it. Never played? It’s actually legitimately fun, and has endless possibilities for both course-making (with the included wickets) and sabotage (with the game’s infamously brutal rules). Kids might not have the patience, but adults looking for a laugh (with a cocktail in hand) will certainly dig it.

Swiftflyte Professional Bocce Set – $79.99 @ Costco
Bocce was first introduced to me by my own parents several years ago, and rarely a family BBQ goes by where we aren’t rolling (ha) it out for a little friendly competition. Think of it like outdoor curling – your job is to get your team’s ball over a certain line, and as close to that pesky little white ball as possible. So straightforward yet endlessly fun, this is one anyone of any age can pretty much get into.

Rawlings 12 Ft Trampoline & Enclosure – $299 @ Toys R Us
Grandparents / parents, I’m not saying you want your kid to be the most popular one on the block…but if you did, a trampoline might be the way to do it. This simple-to-set-up tramp comes with an enclosure system to keep bouncing kiddies safe, and can sustain up to 200 lbs in weight, meaning a handful of little ones can have a go, or one hearty adult looking to soar to the sky.

Jarts Lawn Darts – $24.99 @ Mastermind Toys
Okay, so lawn darts have a hilariously unfair reputation as people-killers, but this set takes the scare out of it. Simply do your best to get your weighted, non-pointy darts into the ring and earn some points. A cool 21 means you’ll walk away the big winner. With two sets of ‘darts’, you can divide your family into two so little ones don’t get too hung up on the logistics of the game. The price is easily one of the best out there, making this even a potential hostess gift, or an option if you’re heading to a family friend’s kid’s birthday party.

One Response to “Lawn Fare”
  1. Susan says:

    I’ve never played Bocce Ball, but it looks like fun. Great ideas for summer fun! #CGG

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