Flash Post: Crystal Kiss

What It Is: Officially, they’re Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms from Clarins. In actuality, they’re just plain neat. Combining the shape and application style of a lipstick, the sheer tint and shine of a gloss, and the soothing properties of a lip balm, these translucent, popsicle-esque beauties are just dying to be in your purse. Available in several summery sheer shades, you’ll hardly be able to resist buying multiples.
Who It’s For: Your mom, who says she’s too old for lipstick but won’t be able to turn down one of these nourishing treats. Your sister, as a go-to work gloss to keep her looking polished and pretty all day long. Your friend, as a beauty splurge she won’t forget.
What It Costs: Each one is $27
Where It’s At: The Clarins’ website has a list of their retailers and boutiques throughout the nation.

One Response to “Flash Post: Crystal Kiss”
  1. Susan says:

    That is some of the prettiest lip balm I’ve ever seen! Love the idea of a hint of sheer colour too. #CGG

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