Country Style

It’s summer. So I’m kind of feeling okay about cowboy / country style. It feels somehow seasonally appropriate to the warmer weather months – maybe I pin that on the fact the Calgary Stampede just wrapped up – and thus today, I bring you five cowpoke-inspired gifts in the realms of wardrobe & body.

Herban Cowboy Collection – $5.49 – $34.99 @
Sure the stark black and embroidered packaging looks rugged and masculine, but these personal care products from Herban Cowboy have a serious soft side. With certified vegan ingredients, no dyes or harsh synthetics, and recyclable packaging, this is body care designed to put your mind at rest. The collection includes everything he’ll need to stay fresh from tip to toe, all at incredibly reasonable prices. Yee-haw!

Lightweight Women’s Camp Shirts – $20 each @ Old Navy
If you haven’t been down to Old Navy lately, head on over there on the ASAP to check out these super cute and summery western-inspired fitted tops. Available in a rainbow assortment of plaids, checks, and patterns, these tops combine easy breezy fashion for women of all ages with total affordability – you could easily buy this as a birthday gift for your mom, your little sister, or your best friend. Whether you’re wearing one to a literal hoedown, simply chilling at the lake with a pair of shorts, or dressing one up with a cardigan or capris, be prepared to receive a lot of howdy m’am looks when you walk down the street. 

Cowboy Combs – $5.99 USD each @ Official Cowboy Comb Personal Grooming Products
Mustaches were probably never hipper than they were in the wild wild west, and these cutesy combs pay homage – but also serve a practical purpose. If your beau or buddy is rocking a stache (particularly valuable come Movember), consider gifting this tiny but artfully designed comb to him as a way to keep his lip hairs in check. Or…if you’re just feeling goofy, be sure to check out the site’s Gallery, where ladies & gents alike have been seen proffering their combs as a fun photo op accessory. I mean hey, it’s purse-sized and would work equally well to fix errant flyaways right? Alright pardnah.

Sparkle Plaque Belt – $30 @ American Eagle
Work a little cowboy strut into your everyday look with this buckle-embellished belt from American Eagle. Made with real leather and jazzed up with a subtle frame of rhinestones, pair this with frayed denim shorts for an urban cowgirl look, or do the boho hippie thing and let it sling down low around your hips when wearing a maxi dress. With those styling tips in mind, keep this belt in mind for your next birthday wish list. Giddy up!

Perforated Straw Cowboy Hat – $17 @ Forever 21
To top things off, we’ve got a fashion-y interpretation of a classic ten-gallon topper. Instead of heavy felt however, this beauty is made from woven straw and features latticework cutouts to give your look a beachy, laid-back vibe. Gift your girlfriend with it before heading off on a road trip so she can keep her pretty face sunburn free and stay cool in the blazing summer heat. Now git, y’heard me?

One Response to “Country Style”
  1. Susan says:

    Great ideas during Calgary Stampede time! #CGG

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