Wedding Wonders

I know we are in *full* swing of wedding season right now, in fact I’ll bet a bunch of you have already seen some friends or family get hitched in the last few weeks. That being said, my sister suggested I provide you all with a few wedding-y ideas for gift-giving this year. Generally speaking I like to buy something off of someone’s registry, and top it off with a personal or practical touch. Want fancy baking pans? I’ll hook you up with some gourmet ingredients to go with. Interested in a wine chiller? Let me get you your first luxe bottle, or a fancy corkscrew. Today’s picks are a little less on the sentimental side, and a little more on the ‘holy cool’ side…so sit back, relax, and find the perfect nuptials pressie! Oh, and if you’re still crafting a registry, consider this…you can actually snatch stuff from all over the interwebs if you sign up with!

For The Coffee Drinker:Nespresso Pixie Machine – $249.99 @ The Bay
Truthfully I first saw this at a local kitchen goods store, so I imagine you can find it in your hometown in a similar atmosphere (or a Nespresso store), but for those who prefer to shop online you can easily snap up this pint-sized, brightly-coloured espresso machine from the likes of The Bay or Amazon. The unit is designed to brew a perfect pick-me-up without taking up a ton of space or creating a ton of mess, plus it comes in stylish modern colours like the eye-popping options above, or sleek titanium or steel to match your appliances. Makes a great gift idea for those pending parents as well!

For The Celebratory Sweethearts: Nachtmann Toasting Flutes – $82.70 @ Wine & Tableware
I’ve noted over the years that one of the primo reasons for registering for wedding gifts is to upgrade all those hand-me-downs and bargain buys you may have collected when you first moved out. One classic choice is to finally invest (via gifting) in a gorgeous set of wine glasses or champagne flutes. These crystal flutes are pure quality and decadence, and eliminate the need for drink charms since each one has a distinct pattern. Tip – pack them with a bottle of some good bubbly for a post-honeymoon celebration!

For The Gracious Hosts:
Nostalgia Electrics Lazy Susan Buffet – $99 @ Home Hardware
If the newlyweds are the type that love to host shindigs both small and intimate and grand and extravagant, you can’t go wrong getting them something that’ll make serving up a delicious meal that much simpler. This nifty multi-use buffet former may be just the ticket. Use it to dish up multiple dishes (and rotate using the movable base around the dinner table), keep your entree warm while putting the finishing touches on a side, or simple keep it close so your piping hot accoutrements stay that way. Works well for couples young and old!

For The Interior Inclined: Marlowe Mirror – $199 @ Urban Barn
If you know the newlyweds personal taste, consider giving them a keepsake piece of home decor that’ll forever commemorate that first year of wedded bliss – in pristine wedding white no less, with this elegant mirror from Urban Barn. With a glossy white finish and curlicue design, it’s a truly modern take on a very classic style that’ll look stunning in anyone’s home.

For The Collectible Couple: 1815 Series Tapas Bowls – $48 for eight @ Royal Doulton
Serveware need not be stuffy – at least, that’s the message the colourful 1815 series from ceramics specialists Royal Doulton seems to be screaming out. Truthfully the entire collection makes me drool a little bit, but if you want to get a happy couple started, consider picking up one or two of the pieces to get them started on snapping up the whole set of plates, mugs, glasses, bowls, and serving utensils. It’s the kind of thing that’ll stand out when all that wrapping paper is behind you, trust me.

2 Responses to “Wedding Wonders”
  1. Great gifts! Those espresso makers look very nice.

  2. Susan says:

    I like the Royal Doulton tapas bowls in all those lovely colours! Thanks for some great ideas. My nephew is getting married soon so I’ll keep these items in mind. #CGG

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