Flash Post: Baker’s Best

What It Is: I struggle with baking in the sweltering summer heat – but this handy gadget from Cusipro may make me change my tune. If you’re working with buttery or super soft dough, simply add cold tap water to the pin’s canister to keep the dough surface cooler – making it that much easier to spread to your heart’s desire. Suddenly making that pie for next week’s Sunday picnic doesn’t seem so challenging, does it?
Who It’s For: Not gonna be cute with this one – any baker you know, novice or expert, would kill for something like this. In terms of occasions, it makes a nifty gift to spoil someone that might not have the guts to buy it for themselves – but will love it once they own it! Think: wedding showers, birthdays, etc.
What It Costs: In and around $40, depending on where you spot it.
Where It’s At: The number of Cusipro retailers is exhaustive throughout Canada. Just call before you shop to see if they carry it.

One Response to “Flash Post: Baker’s Best”
  1. Susan says:

    Love this idea for the ice water being placed inside to keep the dough cool. #CGG

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