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I think I’ve talked before, on occasion anyway, about how important I think fitness is for kids. Granted, when I had a membership at Goodlife there were creepy posters around with a Jayme-Lynn Spears lookalike holding 1 lb weights and highlighting their ‘kids summer fitness classes’ which I found a little odd…but I do think it’s worthwhile to give your kids a healthy interest in not just sports, but fitness…the latter of which happens to be quite a bit more affordable than equipment & tournament-laden sports anyway, I might add. So today we’ve got five, kid-oriented fitness gifts to get them off the couch this summer and burning off some of that extra energy.

ivivva athletica Clothing – $6+
I’m so far overdue in writing about ivivva it’s not even funny. Let’s get the perfunctory stuff out the way. Did you know that lululemon has a (little) sister line designed for girls? Well they do, and it’s called ivivva, and it’s pretty awesome. Maybe your daughter (or niece or sister or what have you) is super into dance or gymnastics and wants a new leotard or tank to spice things up in the studio or gym. Or maybe she’s a soccer or track star and needs some new gear to keep her motivated to work on her skills over the summer. Or perhaps she’s simply looking for some gym clothes that are legitimately cute, and quality-made, and eye-popping pretty (and coordinated!). Whatever the case, look no further than ivivva – it’s the same brand you know and love as an adult, but made pint-sized.

Wooden Skipping Rope – $6.98 @
As the description on the website so helpfully points out, it’s hard these days to find a rope that isn’t ‘Made in China’ or cheap plastic. And yet, jump rope is a physical activity that is recommended all the way to adulthood, yet is beloved by kids – so get them started on the road to healthy cardio fitness with a rope to call their own. This simple rope may not be glitzed out with sparkly ribbons or neon colours, but it will stand the test of time (and fun!) for kids of any age.

Nickelodeon Fit – $23.92 @ Amazon
How’s this for tricky? Get their hearts racing with their favourite Nick characters as they walk (or run) them through over 30 different fitness games. The game is designed for young ‘uns that aren’t quite ready for adult-oriented fitness or dance games, but still challenges them to do their very very best so they can unlock new levels and areas of play. All you got to do with this one is hand it over to your favourite kid with the pronouncement ‘It’s a new video game!’ and trust me, they’ll be quite literally off to the races.

The Little Yoga / Play Mat – $27.95 @ My Little Green Shop
Let your little ones channel their inner zen with these super cute, ultra cushy yoga / play mats. Teach them some basic poses like lotus, downward dog, or cobra to help them relax their breathing, develop stamina, and aid digestion / sleeplessness – or take your favourite kiddie to a mom & me yoga class at your local studio. Afterward, roll up the mat and use it as a nap cushion, a picnic blanket, or even just a play mat on a hard surface – this do-it-all mat is designed to go the extra mile beyond a yoga practice. Oh, and for the record, these are completely kid-friendly with all that scary stuff as well – soy-based inks, BPA, latex, and lead-free, hypoallergenic, and it’s even recyclable or biodegradable when you’re done with it.

RipStik G Caster Board – $99.97 @ Toys R Us
There’s always a new toy-come-fitness-gadget on the market – from rollerskates in the 70s to blades, BMX bikes, and boards in the 90s, to today’s RipStik caster boards, you can bet there’s a new thrillseeking way for your kids to get active. The gist? They’re basically skateboards that don’t require constant foot propulsion – instead you use core strength and balance to swish the board back and forth for constant movement. While they may look more tricky (and impressive) at first glance, they’re actually pegged as far easier to ride than a skateboard once you get the hang of it. Teenage boys and girls alike are snapping them up, so as long as whoever you’re buying for has a decent flat space to play around with it, don’t let your kiddie get left behind.

4 Responses to “Kid Fit”
  1. Grace says:

    My daughter would love those clothes! As a lulu devotee I must check this out.

  2. aly3360 says:

    There are so many fun ways to keep kids active and it’s so important. We skip and go for walks all the time. So glad the ivivva clothing doesn’t seem to be as ridiculously expensive as lululemon. #CGG

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    It’s funny — at the same time that I envy the choices available to kids these days, I also yearn for the simplicity of my days! #CGG

  4. Susan says:

    I had no idea that lululemon had a young child’s line. Hopefully they aren’t as expensive as their adult line. That new Caster Board looks like fun! #CGG

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