Flash Post: Crackle Finish

What It Is: A collection of pretty pastel dessert plates with a unique, hand-finished look and feel. From the uneven edges and mottled finish, to the four complementary colours, these are just screaming to be on display in your china cabinet, or loaded up with delicate desserts or fresh-made salads at your next afternoon party.
Who It’s For: Your sister, as a beautiful housewarming gift. Your mom, as a lovely retirement commemoration now that her social calendar is free to fill up. Your closest friend, as a gorgeous wedding shower present idea.
What It Costs: Each plate is $14 + quite reasonable shipping of $8.95.
Where It’s At: Oh-so-pretty US shop Anthropologie.

3 Responses to “Flash Post: Crackle Finish”
  1. aly3360 says:

    not a huge fan of these plates, but they are decently priced at least. #cgg

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    I love anthropologie but in all honesty, I can’t imagine serving anything on those plates! #CGG

  3. janicour says:

    I love anthropologie, I love these plates, unique!!

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