Flash Post: A Moment In Time

What It Is: Alarm clocks made from vintage box cameras (which are incredibly pricy to buy on their own). Available in two classic styles, these fully working clocks are a kitschy way to bring retro style into a home, and an instant conversation-starter. While every camera technically came off an assembly line, they are all refurbished into clocks by a collector & artist – making them practically one-of-a-kind, and imbued with memories from their previous owners.
Who It’s For: Your photography-loving spouse, as a beautiful and heartfelt birthday or anniversary gift she can use to keep time on the (continuing) best years of her life. Your father, as a retirement gift that’s so much more personal that a bureaucratic parting present that’ll remind him of his younger early working days. Your niece (or nephew!), as a beautiful graduation gift she can use to decorate her dorm come fall – and not be late to class!
What It Costs: The black clock is $180 USD and the Brownie is is $125. Shipping to Canada is $24 USD.
Where It’s At: Americana retailer Pendleton Woolen Mills.

One Response to “Flash Post: A Moment In Time”
  1. Susan says:

    Would never have thought of this. I kept my old Kodak camera from the 60’s and only recently threw it away. Wish I had been this creative! #CGG

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