Bridesmaid Buys

After my wedding gift post the other week, I thought it would also be nice to touch on some bridesmaid gift ideas. For the uninitiated, typically speaking if your bridesmaids are buying their own dresses, the bride will bestow something special on them as a thank-you. In the past, I’ve received customized jewelry, an engraved jewelry box, and spa and salon services – but the field is pretty much wide open. You may choose to splurge on one big and beautiful item, or grab a handful of cool gifts for the big day and beyond. Generally speaking, depending on what demands you’ve made of your party, it seems $50-$100 is an appropriate starting place for your budget – but some gals have been known to splurge well above that!

Although this isn’t the first time I’ve suggested some swell bridesmaid gifts for your number one gals, this is a fun way for me to capture five great ideas for 2012 weddings and beyond. Also? Stay tuned for some sweet groomsmen gifts coming up!

CitySlips – starting at $25 each
I love my heels as much as the next gal, but I also fully recognize that when you’re attending an all-day event like a wedding, it can be downright impossible to keep your slingbacks on, especially when the DJ starts playing ‘your song’. Enter CitySlips, which have one of the most thoroughly thought-out game plans of all time, all for just $25 a pop. CitySlips are basically foldable flats, that tuck into a pouch no bigger than your cell phone, meaning they can even be hidden away in a beaded evening bag. The extra genius part though, is the additional matching travel bag that allows you to toss your heels aside, with no fear of them getting lost as the night (and open bar) wears on. CitySlips are available in several patterns and finishes to go with most ladies’ ensembles, and can be ordered online from the CitySlips website, or from one of the company’s American retail partners (Macy’s and Neiman Marcus), particularly helpful if you’re taking a trip down south this summer. Can I just say, this is a genius bridesmaid gift idea? She’ll be comfortable the night of the big day, and have these flats for years to come as she tosses them in her purse for a lunch break walk, daily commute, or other special occasions.

Monogrammed Leather Jewelry Boxes – $44 each @ beau coup
As mentioned, I’ve received an engraved box before, but this is taking things to a very modern, chic, and practical level. Available in six stylish shades like honeysuckle and mandarin orange, you can choose to pick one that matches your wedding decor, or each bridesmaids’ personal taste. Of course, the real feature is the ability to customize the outside with a 3-letter engraving, to ensure that each maid feels truly singled out. I also love that these would make a glam addition to a gal’s vanity, but also double as a handy wedding-day accessory. If she’s not sure which jewelry will work best with her dress, she can pack it up and tote it along for a second, third, or fourth opinion from the rest of the party.

iPod Shuffle – $49 each @ Apple
Get your ladies geared up for the big day with a preloaded playlist of your favourite party and romantic tunes on one of the latest generation of Apple’s iPod Shuffles. Again, you can select colours (and get engravings!) to either match your wedding decor or your gals’ tastes, and if you crack them open to load some tunes on them, you can also take things that extra step further by making the music truly unique to each friend. That song that was playing when you first met your hubby at the bar on a girls night? Your favourite singalong tune from high school? The wedding song of one of your maid’s own weddings? All fab ideas. I particularly love the Shuffle as a gift idea because even if your friend already has an iPod, iPhone, or other music device, these make great second devices to toss into your gym bag or leave in the car. PS, if you’re planning to splurge a bit more, the touchscreen iPod Nano is comparable in size, but packed with extra features, and retails for just $129.

Love Knot Rings – $75 – $175 each @ Ariel Gordon Jewelry
Whether you’d like to commemorate your own nuptials or simply speak to the never-ending bond between you and your bridesmaids, these rings are a sweetly symbolic way to tie in your own ring exchange with the support from your would-be (or actual) sisters. Available in three finishes – sterling silver is the most affordable option, at $75 – and multiple sizes, this is a pretty luxe trinket she won’t be able to resist wearing both during and after the wedding. It’s not ostentatious either, so you don’t have to worry about it not being her style. Bonus? She can also sling it onto a fine silver chain for a statement necklace.

Bavard Clutches – $40 each @ Aldo
A clutch purse is a classic way to reward your bridesmaids – and Aldo is easily one of the best places to find affordable yet standout choices, like these candy-coloured patent & lace bags that’ll perfectly offset a basic black dress. With a constantly rotating stock line-up, huge national and easy-to-use online presence, you can choose to get your gals something matchy-matchy that they can use on their wedding day, or just gift them the style they’ll get the most use out of for future evening occasions. The other thing I personally love about purses as gifts is the fact you can stuff ’em with a little something extra – like a pretty lip gloss to match her skin tone, or a pair of earrings to wear on your wedding day.


2 Responses to “Bridesmaid Buys”
  1. Susan says:

    You’ve shared some great ideas for bridesmaid gifts here. I love the mongrammed jewellery boxes! #CGG

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    Whenever I’ve been in the bridal party, I have armed myself with a line-up of shoes and I work down the list from least comfortable to most comfortable. Unfortunately, they’ve always all been high heels! Getting bridesmaids those cute flats is a brilliant idea!! #CGG

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