Flash Post: Go For The…


What It Is: Well if you guessed by the title of this post, I’m telling you to go for the Gold – the new fragrance from Fruits & Passion who’s release happens to be well-timed with a certain event that hands out plenty of gold hardware. What does Gold smell like you ask? It’s a rich, musky, oriental scent infused with Sandalwood, Magnolia Golden Apple, and Bergamote Orange Blossom that channels far away lands, late summer sunsets, and a view from a skyscraper balcony. And it’s available in your favourite Fruits & Passion products – including goodies for the shower, bath, and body. Special side note? You can actually win (not through me) the entire Gold collection through a special promotion Fruits & Passion is running right now. Check it out before August 31st!
Who It’s For: Your Olympics-obsessed mother, as a mid-summer treat. Your spouse or girlfriend, as a gift to nourish her skin after a day in the sun doing her best Michael Phelps impression in the water. Your best friend with a summer birthday, as a friendly reminder that there are plenty of perks to being a summertime baby.
What It Costs: $5 – $45
Where It’s At: Fruits & Passion of course. Don’t have one in your area? You can buy online right here and score some free samples.  

2 Responses to “Flash Post: Go For The…”
  1. Susan says:

    I really like Fruits and Passion products and will go and check out the contest you mentioned for Gold! #CGG

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    Thank you! I entered!! #CGG

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