Flash Post: With Rings On Her Fingers


What It Is: 14K yellow gold rings with stunning slabs of onyx, labradorite, green tourmaline, pink tourmaline, and topaz perched atop a textured band. The rings are from LA-based jewelry designer Melinda Maria, and are actually part of a new collection that’s just hitting the shelves in September – perfect for pre-holiday gift-giving inspiration.
Who It’s For: Your mother, as a lovely birthday gift. Your spouse, as a lovely anniversary gift. Your sister, as a lovely congratulatory gift for the birth of her new baby (particularly relevant if one of the stones available matches their baby’s birthstone).
What It Costs: Each ring is $70 USD. Shipping to Canada is $31, however it’s flat rate – so stock up on a few pieces so that doesn’t sting so much.
Where It’s At: Melinda Maria’s online boutique.

2 Responses to “Flash Post: With Rings On Her Fingers”
  1. Susan says:

    I’d pick the topaz — I just love blue! #CGG

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    I love them, but I hate paying for shipping. #CGG

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