The Top On Top

My sweet tooth has been tingling lately, it would seem. What with posts about chocolate fondue and snow cones and marshmallows, and one more in the works in the next couple of weeks, it’s a wonder my dentist isn’t ringing up some bills at the moment. Today’s gift list is certainly sweetly inspired, but shouldn’t be held responsible for any sort of toothaches. Namely – I decided to pick out four very cool cake toppers. Why would you buy a cake topper? Well as the mother of the bride (or groom), you might chip in for the wedding with a fun, custom idea that the happy couple can use as a display piece down the road….just make sure it goes with the bride’s decor before you splurge. As a sibling or spouse, you could also commemorate a special occasion with a pretty piece they can use for memory keeping down the road. Either way, here are a few fun ideas to inspire your cake topping purchases!

Custom Monogram Lollidoll Cake Topper – $175 @ Lollipop Workshop
These wooden, handmade cake toppers bring customized to a whole new level…which is probably why they take 3-6 months to produce. Forget generic, store-bought bride & groom wedding cake toppers – these ones allow you to customize the finest details: from the wedding colours and bride’s hairstyle through to the groom’s facial hair and of course, a monogram to signify your new last name. Bonus points for the ability to add in super cute extras – whether referencing your venue or a beloved pet / child, etc.

Personalized Sock Monkey Birthday Cake Topper – $50 @ Pee Wee’s Clayhouse
What a sweet starting point for a little one’s birthday celebration. These polymer clay cake toppers can be customized for any kid’s name, including fun polka dot accents and of course, the classic children’s toy – the sock monkey. Consider buying this for your own kid’s birthday party, then use it as a fun decor accent (along with a stuffed monkey!) in their room for years to come.

Silhouette Cake Toppers – $50 at Simply Silhouettes
Those store bought cake toppers are pretty generic right? So why not take it to an elegant level with a silhouette cake topper that looks simplistic to an outsider, but holds special meaning for the happy couple: Simply Silhouettes can customize your cake topper based on a photo you supply. Take a snap from your engagement photo shoot, or for an anniversary party, submit a shot from your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for portraits or a full body picture, you’ll know it’s actually you on top of the cake, while creating a sleek, surprising look for your guests.

Cupcake Baby Shower Toppers – $15.99 for twelve @ Scrappy Chic Shop
A little different, but since cupcakes are so ubiquitous in lieu of cake these days, I couldn’t not include these adorable cupcake toppers – perfect for a pre-birth baby shower when you’re still guessing the sex. Rendered in gender-neutral pastels with a fun froggie theme, be a good sport and offer to buy the cupcakes for the next special shower you’re attending, and top them off with these fun pokers.

Pennant Cake Topper – $14.95 @ Mudpies & Marigolds
If you’re looking for a rustic, affordable style for your celebration – look no further. These insanely cute pennant-style cake toppers come in a half-dozen varieties including customized names, wedding shoutouts, and a simple happy birthday greeting as pictured above. Works great as an affordable gift idea for a busy bride-to-be that’s relying on you for some planning assistance, and is doing a sweet outdoorsy or DIY-style theme.

Day of the Dead Cake Topper Set – $177 @ Art on Fire
For the edgy bride & groom looking for a bit of whimsy and wow factor on their big day, may I present these glittering, girly, gothic cake toppers – inspired by the aux courant ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations in Mexico. The set comes allll the way from Thailand, but it’s guaranteed not to disappoint. If you’re super tight with the bride & groom, consider this as an alterna-chic wedding gift they’ll simply ‘die’ when they see.

2 Responses to “The Top On Top”
  1. Susan says:

    Wow — what a varied selection of toppers! My favourites are the silhouette and the banner! #CGG

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    The silhouette ones would have been perfect for my friend, if her wedding didn’t already pass!! Bookmarked it though! #CGG

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