On Pointe

I’m in a ballerina mood today I guess, because all of my picks are inspired by the world’s most graceful form of artistry. Whether the person you’re buying for is a former wannabe (or actual) prima, or simply an admirer of the ladies & gents on their tippy toes, these are five elegant, feminine picks that will have every woman channeling their inner “I wanna be a ballerina” childhood phase.

The Cranes Dance by Meg Howrey – $17.95
Fans of 2010’s ballet psychodrama film Black Swan will get a kick out of this equally mind-teasing novel. Two sisters, both embroiled in the world of ballet, find themselves on very different paths. Kate is struggling to keep her place in the uber competitive world, haunted by being in the shadow of her younger sister Gwen, who’s career usurped her own – until a mental breakdown forced her to move home. Alone and potentially in the spotlight for the first time, the novel is a behind-the-curtains look at life as a professional ballerina written by a former professional dancer herself – and let me assure you, it’s not all tutus and pointe shoes. Great for any avid readers that are looking for an artsy drama fix.

Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout – $14.94 @ Amazon.ca
Speaking of Black Swan, Natalie Portman (who won an Oscar for her starring, demanding role) got into tip top shape to portray the uber petite yet muscular would-be prima. Her trainer? Mary Helen Bowers, who already released a bestselling book about the tips and tricks to get long, lean muscles, is back with a DVD packed with six ballet-inspired workouts that will give you svelte lines as opposed to bulked-up muscles. A wonderful choice for your gym bunny friend that’s looking for a little change-up in her routine, or for your friend, the child dancer that would love to gain back some of her flexibility.

Dancer Necklace – $69 @ Dalia Shamir Jewelry
For a girly accent to your everyday look, a ballerina necklace is a sweet and subtle way to pay tribute to a love of dance. Made from sterling silver and available in two poses, I love that this little charm can go from young to old. Current ballerinas – like your daughter or niece – will love this special token, while ladies in their 20s and 30s will love the sweet girlishness that also comes across as polished and wearable.

Knitted Yoga Socks – $65 @ Natalya 1905
A friend of mine that’s a yoga enthusiast introduced these to me some time ago – although they take their inspiration from ballet, where partial socks are frequently used over soft ballet slippers in particular to keep your feet toasty and comfortable while also providing some slip-free stability. I even like the idea of them over a thinner pair of socks in the wintertime when you just want a little extra snuggliness around the toe area. I included them here not only because they are ballet-inspired, but because they can be custom-made in dance shades like blush and rose. A really cute gift for your friend who loves yoga, dance, or any sort of physical activity where their feet are exposed.

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers – $9 @ Drugstores & Beauty Stores nationwide
I didn’t just include this pretty pale polish because of its name. I picked it because anyone that knows Essie knows how popular this bestselling sheer pink is amongst the brand’s high-end but still affordable shades. Great for French manicures or for ladies whose nails tend to chip (and they need something subtle to pull off), this is an elegant choice for women of any age – as a birthday, thank-you, or stocking stuffer item.

4 Responses to “On Pointe”
  1. Dreena says:

    I love ballet! I think the workout DVD would be a great exercise to try. Cheers. #cgg

  2. Susan says:

    I certainly enjoy the beauty of ballet, but have never danced myself. I would enjoy the book I think! #CGG

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    I love this set of gifts — my friend’s daughter would love the necklace!

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