A Nail’s Pace

Are you like me? Do you slip pretty bottles of nail polish into your shopping basket or cart whenever you happen to stroll by the nail area of a drugstore or grocery store or beauty boutique? I’ll admit, I own way more nail polish than I’ll probably use in a lifetime, but there’s something exhilarating about finding a new shade you realize you don’t have and can suddenly envision going with a million outfits and tell yourself you’ve ‘wanted’ for quite some time and really it’s only $8 so why not? If you’ve ever been faced with that scenario, I’m going to have to tempt you a little more by introducing you to Julep Maven, a nail polish beauty subscription service based in the US, that also ships to Canada.


Here’s the breakdown. You are essentially a subscriber to the Julep Maven service, much as you would be to a magazine. To kick things off, you’ll take a survey and Julep will attempt to identify which shades will work best with your wardrobe and personal style. There are five ‘styles’ in total, each with a slightly different orientation – girls who love bold, party-tastic shades might end up the ‘Bombshell’ collection while ladies that love earthy shades will adore the ‘Boho Chic’ styles.


On the 20th of each month, an email will be delivered to your inbox with what’s in ‘your box’ that month, based on the style you’ve been matched up with. Not in love? You can visit the Julep site and check out the contents of all 5 boxes, and select your favourite – or you an simply skip the month and wait till something more your taste comes along. Typically speaking each box comes with two polishes and a beauty or body care product, unless you opt for the ‘It Girl’ style, which is always just 3 polishes. If you’re reallllly in love with a polish from another box, you can still add it to your order for a discounted price. And if you’re realllllly in love with two boxes, you can typically order additional boxes from the previous two months.


The neat thing about Julep is how expansive their collection is. They’re constantly diving into new trends and finishes – from matte to metallic to creme to glitter to even magnetic – and their colour choices are always on-trend and totally different from what you see in drugstores. Keep in mind – oftentimes big brands plan their collections six months to a year in advance, and it’s harder for them to react to new trends. Julep is constantly refreshing its stock on a monthly basis, so you’ll always have the latest shades to choose from. It’s a great way to freshen up your beauty supplies without being constantly tempted by the drugstore displays – although as fair warning, it’s incredibly hard to select just one box each month, never mind saying no!


Now you’re probably wondering how much this lovely service costs, and I can tell you it clocks in at $20/month, which isn’t bad when you consider the retail value of the boxes is about double that (each polish retails for $14 on its own, or $5 when paired with a Julep Maven subscription). Plus a lot of the times there are fun bonuses – for the Olympics this past July, they threw in a Canadian-themed glitter polish – and additional ‘mystery boxes’ you can snap up that could have values of anywhere from $60 to $200 – all still for just $20.

One other thing I should mention? I’d love to hook you up with your first box for just a penny. That’s right, $0.01 – all in. All you have to do is click on any of the links in this post that’ll lead you to Julep and type in the coupon code COLOR2012 when you’re checking out. It’s how I got my first box and I’ve been a dedicated subscriber ever since. If you try it and decide it’s not for you, simply unsubscribe after your first month, or skip the next month or two and see if something catches your eye down the road.

The very last thing I’ll say about Julep is they also have a swell referral program. If you recruit two friends to sign up, you earn a free month. So in favour of full disclosure, I’d sincerely appreciate it if you used one of my links to give this amazing service a whirl – you won’t regret it!

2 Responses to “A Nail’s Pace”
  1. Susan says:

    I think my sister-in-law would love Julep’s nail polishes and monthly deliveries! #CGG

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    This is an awesome gift for a good friend! I bought a subscription for my best friend for her birthday last year! #CGG

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