Flash Post: Taping Care of Business


What It Is: Can I just say that I miss cassette tapes if only so I can say the very tongue-friendly word cassette? Because I do. I don’t however, miss the pain of having to manually fast forward, rewind, and record on poor-quality tapes, so I’ll leave it at that. If you are looking for a little nostalgia however, this wooden cassette-shaped tape dispenser gives new meaning to the phrase ‘tape it’. It comes with your first roll of tape as well, so you can drop it in someone’s lap for insta-use.
Who It’s For: Your coworker that *loves* to stop by your desk to *borrow* items they’ll never return, so they can start to form their own desktop army of goodies. Your cooler than cool thirty-something friend or sibling, as a nostalgic throwback to the days when they were young. Your spouse who used to make mix tapes for you in the early days of your relationship, as a sentimental token that’ll bring a smile every time they use it.
What It Costs: $22.95. The site it’s from has a flat rate of $10.95 shipping to Canada, so stock up while you’re there.
Where It’s At: The very sweet & girly gift site Pink Olive.

4 Responses to “Flash Post: Taping Care of Business”
  1. leah says:

    This is awesome. What a great gift. Brings back memories. #cgg

  2. Susan says:

    Love the retro vibe, but not the price! #CGG

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    Aww this is a cute gift to spruce up the desk of any friends that work in an office! #CGG

  4. Georgette Elliott says:

    lol I love this… so cute!

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