Flash Post: Just Desserts

What It Is:A four-pack sampler gift set of scrumptious dessert teas from Art of Tea. Including four individually packaged bags of loose leaf tea and a bamboo basket strainer, this homey gift will warm up your soul even as the month gets chillier with lush flavours like Carmelized Pear, Chocolate Monkey, Vanilla Berry Truffle, and Velvet minty chocolate.

Who It’s For:Your super sweet coworker, as a mid-morning treat on a slow morning. Your under-the-weather pal, to keep his spirits up when he’s resting up. Your wife, to share at her next book club.

What It Costs: $19 for the whole shebang.

Where It’s At:The Art of Tea website.

6 Responses to “Flash Post: Just Desserts”
  1. Dreena says:

    These sound delicious. I am a tea lover! Will check it out.

  2. leah says:

    I love tea! The packages make these extra neat! #cgg

  3. MissT says:

    Geat gift for upcoming holidays

  4. Kevin B says:

    Just started drinking loose tea last year

  5. Susan says:

    Would love to try these dessert teas! #CGG

  6. Sophia says:

    These tea sets are so beautifully packaged that they will sure make any tea lover’s day! #cgg

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