Flash Post: Oh, The Humanity


What It Is: Have you ever played the addictive and simple party game Apples 2 Apples? Essentially one person puts down an adjective card, like pretty or despicable and the other players look at their noun cards and try and find the best fit. The ‘it’ person then looks at the answers and picks a winner, based on what they feel is the funniest or smartest match. The same concept is essentially applied to this sizzling new party game, Cards Against Humanity, that’ll make you squeamish and laugh out loud at the same time. This time around the ‘it’ person is actually called the Card Czar, who will read out a seemingly innocuous fill-in-the-blanks phrase, at which point you need to take your dirty / offensive / gross cards and select the best / worst option to complete the message, and prove how awful of a human being you are. If your card is selected, you score Awesome Points. Pretty awesome right? Just you know…have  a sense of humour, and don’t let the kiddies play this version.

Who It’s For: Your collegiate sibling or cousin, to break out on drinking game nights. Your board game-lovin’ bestie or sibling, to add to their stash. Your parents, to store out at the cabin for a raucous weekend pick-me-up.

What It Costs: $25 or…free. You can actually download the entire game as a PDF for no cost, bring it to your favourite cheapie print shop, and presto, you’ve got a game on your hands for $10 or less (depending on printer costs). There are also two expansions (which aren’t free) that can be purchased for $10 each.

Where It’s At: You can buy the game directly from the Cards Against Humanity website – they ship to Canada! They also offer a Canuck edition with some bonus cards and Canadian-esque jokes. Fun.

4 Responses to “Flash Post: Oh, The Humanity”
  1. Susan says:

    Sounds as if someone with a warped sense of humour would have a great time with this game. Wonderful for those who want to download it for free. I’m sure it will provoke many laughs! #CGG

  2. Sophia says:

    I am so downloading this to try out with my friends at the next games’ night! #cgg

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