Flash Post: Hopeful Dreams

What It Is: A limited-edition PJ gift set from La Vie En Rose, in support of the brand’s own Roses of Hope Foundation in support of breast cancer research, and ultimately, finding a cure. This 100% cotton two-piece set includes a cosy long-sleeved printed top and adorable plaid pants, making it a perfect fit for the transition into the cooler months. Equally awesome? The fact that $15 from every sale goes directly to the breast cancer foundation, making it an apropos pick for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Who It’s For: Your mother or friend, a survivor that deserves at least something warm and snuggly when it comes to cancer. Your sibling, as a nod to her friend or mother-in-law that’s also gone through a battle of her own. Your fundraising fanatic coworker, as a lovely gift to commemorate her hard work in helping to raise funds to end cancer.

What It Costs: $39.95 for the ribbon-wrapped set

Where It’s At: La Vie En Rose stores across Canada + online.

3 Responses to “Flash Post: Hopeful Dreams”
  1. leah leitch says:

    So Cute! Love the plaid pants and that $15 goes to the breast cancer foundation. #cgg

  2. Sophia says:

    Wearing this PJ set and knowing that you have helped a good cause will certainly leave you with sweet dreams! #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    A fabulous fundraiser and some on-trend pj’s — super idea. #CGG

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