On Roses

Before we get into the holiday hullabaloo of the next couple of months, I wanted to continue my oh-so-fun post series using the lyrics of My Favourite Things as inspiration. So far we covered Raindrops, so naturally it’s onto On Roses.

Rosebud Perfume Company Rosebud Salve / Minted Rose Lip Balm – $7 / $9.50 @ Sephora
I am not kidding about my level of devotion to this stuff. Anyone that’s used it will become truly converted after just a few uses of either the tingly-fresh lip balm or the multi-purpose salve, both of which can be used to calm chapped lips (and in the case of the salve, dryness, burns, and cracked cuticles are also on the table to be taken care of). I typically get a container of this stuff in my stocking almost every year, and I suggest you make someone’s life a little sweeter by doing the same.

Handmade Pastel Rose String 20-Light Strand – $16.50 @ Cottonlight
A literal take here, in the form of pretty fabric-formed string lights perfect for prettying up your bedroom, vanity, or patio. Made from fabric bundles dyed to match a typical rosy palette (and roughly the same size as actual floral blooms), I also love these as a decor element for a wedding or anniversary party – gift the happy couple their decorations if you’re chipping in for their big event. The lights are made in Thailand, but they come with an adapter to work overseas and have a pretty reasonable shipping price.

Céline Antique Rose Wayfarers – $345 @ Holt Renfrew
Sunglasses are still an essential accessory, even going into the wintery months – those blinding days in mid-winter when the sun reflects off the bright white snow are killer. Why not lighten up your look with a pair of dusty rose glasses? Imagine this pair against a winter white coat with a faux fur collar, while simultaneously picturing how adorable they’ll look with your favourite sundresses come summer. Gentlemen, open your wallets – this is a killer Christmas present for your wives.


Row of Roses Frame – $15.80 @ Forever 21
Here’s what’s fun about writing these posts – all the different ways you can interpret the idea of ‘roses’! From the colour to the scent to the shape, as is the case with this black rose plastic frame, there are a ton of different ways to gift people with rosy ideas. I love this frame because it’s not in your face, and can either tip goth or girly depending on your decor style. Makes a perfect present for a friend’s birthday or holiday gift – include a photo of the two of you so she can proudly display it right away!

The 7 Virtues Noble Rose of Afghanistan Eau de Parfum – $70 @ The Bay
First off, yay for Fair Trade! Each bottle of this intense, spicy, floral perfume features 178 hand picked rose petals – harvested by Afghan farmers who make a brave trek down one of the world’s most dangerous highways just to deliver their goods. The essential oils derived from those petals are sold at a fair market price to companies like The 7 Virtues, who then transport their lovely product right to you. Makes a lovely and elegant choice for your mother-in-law or sister.


6 Responses to “On Roses”
  1. leah leitch says:

    You’re making me want the rosebud salve very badly! Again, the retro lid — love it! #cgg

  2. MissT says:

    My middle names Rose love anything to do with Roses

  3. Sophia says:

    Love the wayfarers, but I will have to admire from afar at that price! #cgg

  4. Susan says:

    Great ideas! I would definitely use the rosebud salve. #cgg

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