Flash Post: Couture Café

Krups Barista

What It Is: Hello lover. If you are hitched to a complete and total coffee nut – nay, a coffee snob then perhaps you’ll finally have the last laugh when you present them with this amazing, and I mean amazing, gift. The Barista is the latest and greatest at-home coffeemaker from legendary brand Krups, and as the name would imply, it brings the luxury coffee shop experience home. Now you can control the strength, temperature, quantity, and grind to find that perfectly blended brew. Plus save your perfect flavour combination for one-touch access – no line-ups, no messed up orders, and no paper waste from your takeout cup.

Who It’s For: See the above. You’ve got to be a serious coffee connoisseur to truly appreciate the beauty of this beauty.

What It Costs: Bear with me as this is my luxury fix for the month (first it’s $1,000 knives…now this), the Barista retails for $2999.99

Where It’s At: Krups is just rolling out the Barista this month at select shops nationwide – visit their site for details. The Barista itself is also going on a tour across the nation, to give you the chance to try out its premium brewmaking abilities firsthand.

8 Responses to “Flash Post: Couture Café”
  1. Annie Demill says:

    Wow, pricey! If I win the lottery it will be the first item I purchase 🙂

  2. leah says:

    Wow, I felt a pain in my chest when I read the price. I guess we can dream though!

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    Haha I’m with Annie and Leah! It’s gorgeous though!

  4. Lori P says:

    The proof is in the cuppa! I’ll have to try it.

  5. Joan G says:

    Good thing I was sitting down when I read the price.

  6. Jane says:

    I like the “no paper waste,i would have that in my kitchen any day,going to take a look at the Krups site to spot this beauty.

  7. Susan says:

    A luxury item indeed! Great for the coffee conneisseur.

  8. sarah p says:

    lol I know someone who wouldn’t even flinch at that price….not that they can afford it, but just because they love coffee that much 🙂

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