Keep On Rollin’

My latest luxe feature is a stylin’ backgammon game. Because I’m a big nerd. Deal with it.

Flash Post: Couture CafĂ©

Presenting my luxury find for the month: the elegant, amazing, uber-primo coffeemaker of our times: the Krups Barista. As per the title, it’s the first coffeemaker to bring that gourmet cafe feel right into your kitchen.

On Roses

Part two of my ongoing series of gift ideas related to the classic song, My Favourite Things. Today’s list? On Roses – gift ideas inspired by that which we call a rose.

Flash Post: A-vase-ing

I’m getting ‘ooo pretty’ goosebumps from this post. Hand-blown glass vases are the stunning focus of today’s flash post. Bask!

Flash Post: By Candlelight

Light up the night – and your giftee’s face – with one of these elegant, sculpture-topped candles that look gorgeous even when they’re not casting a warm glow in a quiet room.