Flash Post: Moon-O-Clock

Moon Clock


What It Is: I really wanted to do something St. Patrick’s Day-themed for you guys, but nothing was really inspiring me (that was always widely accessible for today) so whatevs. I wrote an Emerald post, I mentioned it during my 10 for $10 – let’s call it a day. Or rather, a night, with this luminescent clock from Kikkerland. Not only does it look like the moon during the day (thanks in part to a 3D plastic dome over the photographic image of our dear ol’ skyward pal), it actually gives off an ambient glow once the lights go out. Consider it a grown-up answer to those glow-in-the-dark stars you used to paste on your ceiling as a teen.

Who It’s For: Your rocker buddy, to put in his man cave. Your just slightly nerdy friend, to decorate their movie room. Your astronomy-loving sweetheart, so every night can be spent snuggling under a full moon.

What It Costs: A respectable $39 USD

Where It’s At: The always inspirational Generate is the source of this big beauty.

7 Responses to “Flash Post: Moon-O-Clock”
  1. nikki robak says:

    what an awesome concept

  2. Joan G says:

    A unique conversation piece.

  3. leah leitch says:

    I like it and my teenage son would too. Cool!

  4. Annie Demill says:

    No man cave in my house and I’m not nerdy, but I love it!

  5. Very different! Y boy would love that, he thinks astronomy anything is cool.

  6. Susan says:

    Great unique clock and I love that it glows at night!

  7. sarah p says:

    This is awesome…I would love this for my future office! a reasonable price too 🙂

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