Hearts of Gold

After yesterday’s flash of inspiration regarding groomsmen, today I’m turning my focus to the ladies that’ll be by my side on my wedding day. Now, I can honestly tell you none of today’s featured gifts are what I have in mind for my bridesmaids (it’s a surprise!) but they would certainly be contenders for any gal celebrating their nuptials this summer.

Small Leather All In One BagsSmall Leather All-In-One Bags – $105 @ Indigo1745
I’m a big fan of customizing your bridesmaid gifts, at least a little bit (hint to my girls). These gorgeous embossed python leather clutches are just the ticket; you can gift the appropriate colour to each of your gal pals to suit her wardrobe, but still all have a cohesive memory of your big day. Consider gifting them before your bachelorette so you can all rock the town in style together.

Embroidery By Melissa Spa RobesEmbroidered Spa Robes – $112 for 3 @ Embroidery By Melissa
It takes a heck of a lot of pampering to get primed to walk down the aisle. Relax in style and comfort on your big day with one of these ultra-cozy, waffle weave, spa-inspired robes – with a twist. Embroidery By Melissa actually offers up free embroidery on your robes, including your choice of font and text. Celebrate your new last name, call out your ladies’ titles, or embroider their own names into it. No matter what, you’ll be feeling warm and snuggly all morning long and have a pretty cute photo op during your prep time.

Tiffany Blue Box Small

Tiffany Blue Box (Small) – $100
It’s every girl’s fantasy (at least a little) to find a Tiffany Blue Box in front of them. These adorable porcelain boxes come in 3 sizes (from $80 for the mini to $170 for the large) and are a perfect keepsake of your special day. Consider splurging on a piece of jewelry to tuck inside so your maids can share stories of the box it came in all day long. An extra-fitting choice if your colour scheme matches the signature Tiffany blue or if your own engagement ring came from the legendary jeweler. Hint: pick up an extra one and use it as your presentation box for the wedding bands on your big day!

David Aubrey Alphabet Cluster NecklaceDavid Aubrey Alphabet Cluster Necklace – $50 @ Max & Chloe
Jewelery makes for a classic bridesmaid gift for a reason – it’s something she can wear to complement her dress on the day of, but also a special token she’ll treasure for years to come. Give her something super personalized with one of these delicate, elegantly designed necklaces from David Aubrey. Available in most (but not all!) letters of the alphabet, each necklace also comes with an assortment of baubles and leaves to really create a statement piece. Because of the earthier tones in these necklaces, I particularly like them for a late summer or early fall wedding.

Vera Wang Be JeweledVera Wang Be Jeweled – $49 – $75 @ Shoppers Drug Mart
Who better to bestow a bridesmaids gift than one of the world’s great wedding gown designers, Vera Wang? The latest ethereal, romantic fragrance from Vera Wang sparkles inside and out, with a pretty faceted bottle and an elegant scent combining celebratory champagne with pomegranate, red currant, pink honeysuckle and pink peonies. The dry notes of pink sugar crystals and Australian sandalwood make for a scent that isn’t overwhelmingly girly, but somehow perfectly suited to spritz on your big day, and for many moons after.

Guess what? One lucky gal reader (or a generous guy) is going to win a bottle of Vera Wang Be Jeweled to help get you set for wedding season! Interested? Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment by July 18th with your favourite featured bridesmaid gift idea.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around July 19th to select the winners, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: Tweet about this contest up to 3 times over the contest period (with a link back to your Tweets in the comments below) to earn yourself up to 3 bonus entries!

129 Responses to “Hearts of Gold”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    Oh I love them all, but I think the robes nudge out in front just a wee bit as they could use it everyday.

  2. Debbie Bashford says:

    Tweeted Jun 29 @skeetersden

  3. Julie G. says:

    The Vera Wang Be Jeweled is my fave – beautiful packaging!

  4. janicour says:

    Hard choice, but the Tiffany blue box is my favourite. https://twitter.com/janicour/status/350954872457265152

  5. I love the house coats but the fragrance is my most fav. I love trying out new fragrances.

  6. tweet 1

  7. Joan G says:

    Definitely the Embroidered Spa Robes – great idea.

  8. Victoria Ess says:

    My favourite is the embroidered spa robe!

  9. David Aubrey Alphabet Cluster Necklace – $50 @ Max & Chloe would be my choice.
    Ann Demill ‏@anniebalanie now
    Great contest and wonderful gift ideas for bridesmaids. Check it out @CdnGiftGuide

  10. diane p says:

    My favourite is Vera Wang Be Jeweled.

  11. diane p says:

  12. i love all the gifts i see especially the necklaces

  13. Celena Clause says:

    The clutches are my favourite

  14. Linda Peters says:

    The Small Leather All in One Bags are stunning,

  15. I really like the initial necklaces.

  16. cookie3 says:

    I love all the gifts that you mentioned but my fave are the spa robes.Great yet practical.

  17. beewbedard says:

    I like the Embroidered Spa Robes – $112 for 3 @ Embroidery By Melissa

  18. beewbedard says:

  19. Donnas says:

    I like the alphabet cluster necklaces.

  20. Donnas says:


  21. Evan says:

    Fave featured bridesmaid gift idea would be the Vera Wang Be Jeweled – $49 – $75 @ Shoppers Drug Mart offering. Thanks so much.

  22. Louise says:

    The Vera Wang Be Jeweled is my favorite

  23. Louise says:

    I tweeted

  24. KellyPC says:

    I love the Small Leather All-In-One Bags! So cute!

  25. gmamaye says:

    Vera Wang Be Jeweled is my favorite!

  26. darlene boyle says:

    tiffany blue box

  27. Patricia says:

    definitely the leather clutches

  28. Carolyn S says:

    I like the Alphabet Cluster necklaces. Very unique.

  29. Vicki says:

    my twitter entry #1

  30. Vicki says:

    I really like the individuality of David Aubrey’s necklaces.

  31. nancy wyley says:

    Tiffany blue box for me, so pretty and special

  32. Heather A says:

    I love the small leather all in one bags, and you could slip a personal memento unique to each bridesmaid inside.

  33. Victoria Ess says:

  34. Victoria Ess says:

  35. Kim M says:

    I like the alphabet cluster necklaces.

  36. Jessica L. says:

    I really like the all in one bags

  37. Karry Knisley says:

    I love the embroidered spa robes

  38. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    My favourite–the embroidered spa robes. A close second–the alphabet cluster necklaces.

  39. 409cope says:

    I love the embroidered spa robes the most.

  40. 409cope says:

    I tweeted-https://twitter.com/409cope/status/351404809317916672

  41. blessedta says:

    the Tiffany Blue Box (Small)

  42. Lynn A says:

    The Leather all-in-one bags would be ideal

  43. laura says:

    Its a really hard choice to make these are all awesome gifts. I really like the robes a really neat different idea they would have these for a long time as a nice keepsake that is my choice.

  44. Jenny says:

    I love the initial necklace – it’s so personal and sweet! But of course, that Vera Wang perfume bottle is AMAZING. Her packaging always brings out the girly side of me.

  45. Sean Pynaert says:

    Alphabet clustered necklace looks like a good gift.

  46. Elaine R says:

    The Alphabet Cluster Necklace is so unique!

  47. Taps says:

    My favorite is David Aubrey Alphabet Cluster Necklace, though it mioght nt have the letters still its a beautiful gift..

  48. Bailey-Eileen Dexter-parr says:

    Party Bridal Party Bridesmaids Bride Maid of Honor Personalized Spa Robes these are so different and a nice keepsakes

  49. Bailey-Eileen Dexter-parr says:

  50. Chantelle says:

    Small Leather All-In-One Bags

  51. Lauralee says:

    I LOVE the clutch idea!

  52. The perfume sounds nice

  53. I would go with the robes. Every girl needs a nice fluffy robe for lounging around the house in.

  54. Debbie Bashford says:

    Tweet # 3 @skeetersden

  55. Bonnie says:

    I agree with Julie G
    The Vera Wang Be Jeweled is my fave – beautiful packaging!

  56. Jessica Pang says:

    I would love to give my bridesmaids the blue tiffany box

  57. Victoria Ess says:

  58. Alison K says:

    My favourite featured bridesmaid gift idea is the, “David Aubrey Alphabet Cluster Necklace – $50 @ Max & Chloe”.

    Bonus Entry #1: https://twitter.com/SoulSeeker0/status/351716487016353792

  59. Holly says:

    The Alphabet Cluster Necklace is cool!

  60. kathy wilson says:

    tiffany blue box

  61. Lisa says:

    The David Aubrey Alphabet Cluster Necklace is my favourite bridesmaid gift idea. The necklace is personalized and unique!

  62. Glogirl says:

    I like the idea of the Embroidered Spa Robes. A neat idea!

  63. Beverly W says:

    David Aubrey Alphabet Cluster Necklace’s are stunning!!!

  64. Lisa says:

    I like the embroidered robes.

  65. debbie f says:

    I like the initial necklaces.

  66. Elaan says:

    The alphabet cluster necklace is gorgeous!
    Retweeted: https://twitter.com/CdnGiftGuide/status/350913743556849665

  67. Victoria Ess says:

  68. Beth Rosell says:

    I love the Embroidered Spa Robes – Embroidery By Melissa

  69. marianne says:

    everything Vera is wedding and elegance. got to pick Vera

  70. Tracy Martin says:

    The small leather clutches are beautiful.

  71. Lori Butler says:

    awesome ideas, the initial necklace is gorgeous

  72. Lori Butler says:

  73. Marlene J says:

    Embroidered Spa Robes – $112 for 3 @ Embroidery By Melissa

    Tweeted Giveaway https://twitter.com/MyBeautyBug/status/352143632368795648

  74. savbreava says:

    They all seem like nice bridesmaids gifts but I think I’m partial to the Embroidered Robes. It’s just a cool idea, handy to have and a nice memoir!

  75. Maegan Morin says:

    I really like the David Aubrey Alphabet Cluster Necklace! So pretty and unique 😀

  76. lucy says:

    Vera Wang Be Jeweled Perfume

  77. Helena says:

    The spa robes are a great keep sake. Something you can uses everyday and have fond memories of.

  78. Victoria Ess says:

  79. dustin coombs says:

    tiffany blue box

  80. Janice Lewis says:

    Embroidered robes are very cool

  81. beewbedard says:

  82. Sara says:

    My favourite featured bridesmaid gift idea is the David Aubrey Alphabet Cluster Necklace, I hope I’ll get something like this before my best friends wedding!

  83. Victoria Ess says:

  84. Serena Debolt says:

    I like the Vera Wang Bejeweled as a great bridesmaids gift

  85. Joan Brown says:

    My favourite is the gorgeous embossed python leather clutches, so practical. I love the colours especially the green.

  86. OasisGirl says:

    love the vera wang 🙂

  87. I love the Alphabet cluster necklace!

  88. Melinda L. says:

    I like all of the ideas, however the David Aubrey Alphabet Cluster Necklace would be my top pick

  89. Melinda L. says:

  90. Belinda McNabb says:

    I love the Small Leather All-In-One Bags

  91. Belinda McNabb says:

    tweet 1

  92. Lisa says:

    Personalized spa robes are a great idea

  93. this is a easy one hands down i think my most favorite product is the Vera Wang bejeweled perfume i can’t wait to smell it it sounds luscious and adult yet playful and childlike all at the same time and that’s my idea of the perfect perfume how exciting yum

  94. Donnas says:


  95. Debbie Petch says:

    i like the leather all-in-one tote.

  96. Belinda McNabb says:

    tweet 2

  97. Melinda L. says:

  98. Deb says:

    I love the little Tiffany Blue Box – so sweet

  99. Terri says:

    The embroidered spa robes are a great idea

  100. Belinda McNabb says:

  101. Laura says:

    I love the bathrobes but the perfume would be great too 🙂

  102. krysta mukai says:

    Small Leather All-In-One Bags – $105 @ Indigo1745 are so cute and stylish, any bridesmaid would appreciate!

  103. Leah says:

    i love the tiffany blue box! so cute!

  104. Wanda Bergman says:

    My favourite is the Vera Wang Be Jeweled

  105. diane p says:

  106. Loretta Krauter says:

    I really am liking the small leather all in one bags – great shades available!

  107. tweet

  108. Danielle says:

    I really like the leather bags and the perfume

  109. Vera Wang BeJeweled. mmm I bet it smells great. Thanks.

  110. jenny says:

    tweet 1 today july 15

  111. I like the all in one bags!

  112. Maegan Morin says:

    My favorite idea are the spa robes!

  113. jenny says:

  114. Angela Mitchell says:

    My favorite gift is Vera Wang Be Jeweled. Such pretty packaging!

  115. Sparkle says:

    Love, love, love perfume so my favourite is Vera Wang’s Be Jeweled!

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