Extension Circumstances

Cloth Extension Cords

What It Is: Sometimes if I’m either looking for a challenge OR I just don’t have a specific gift idea in mind, I’ll go into my link database, use a random number generator, and a pick a store that I *HAVE* to feature something from. That’s how today’s idea was selected. So first, tell me: is it weird that I got excited about cloth-covered extension cords? Because I did. I hate jumbles of cords, and yet I’m not a big fan of the plastic-y devices we have to organize them either. What I do love is the vintage vibe and colourful American-made cotton weave covers for these sleek-yet-chunky-monkey cords. To me, making something ugly noticeably purposeful is a smart way to circumvent expectations, and that’s exactly what these cords do.

Who It’s For: Your adorkable, vintage-loving best friend, to outfit her new apartment. Your design-obsessed mom, as something she’d never dream of picking out for herself. Your garage-dwelling dad, who can never seem to find his damn extension cord but will never misplace this one.

What It Costs: $38 a pop, which is actually decently comparable to a good quality cord from a hardware store.

Where It’s At: Best Made Company, who is known for their line of ‘designer axes’ (not an oxymoron) and focus on American-made goods. 

3 Responses to “Extension Circumstances”
  1. Victoria Ess says:

    Those are pretty nice looking compared to the standard cords!

  2. Joan G says:

    Where cords are visible I can see me using these.

  3. Susan says:

    Wow — designer extension cords!

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