Grammar Gurus Unite!


What It Is: These plates are completely and totally after my own heart – this is probably one of the more personal picks I’ve featured on this blog! As many of you have probably deduced, I’m a writer by trade. Part of my ‘real world’ job involves righting (or writing) the wrongs of others, and these ‘common grammar error’ plates hit some of the most common quandaries that plague many an everyday memo, press release, and article. I’ll admit, my lay / lie is rusty, but I’ve mastered the others. Anyway, a really hilarious gift for the writer (or grammar Nazi) in your life to break out for your next book club gathering. Oh, and please don’t hyper-analyze this post for grammar please, even a seasoned pro likes to lay off the rules here and there (see what I did there?)

Who It’s For: Either ironically as a gift for your friend with rotten / awful grammar skills, or amusingly as a present for your friend that’s always not-so-gently correcting your figures of speech. Also not a terrible idea for the little ones; best to drill those good writing skills in early.

What It Costs: Depends on where you buy them from – between $10 – $15 per plate.

Where It’s At: So originally I found these on ModCloth ($50 for a set of 4), but you can also apparently buy them from the source, grammarRULES! ($68 for a set of 6 + $40 shipping). On the higher end, I know, but too fun not to pass up.

IKOVE bonus entry: Spill in the comments below – are you in touch with your inner grammar goddess? Or are these plates totally over your head?

14 Responses to “Grammar Gurus Unite!”
  1. Annie Demill says:

    My English major daughter would love these. I just read a letter from an old friend and it was full of grammar mistakes. Using there (should have been their), where/were etc. The hardest for me is the proper use of effect/affect.

  2. Julie G. says:

    I’m a grammar nerd and I can’t stand when people use improper grammar. My grade school teachers would be proud of me!

  3. I have and never will be a grammar person. My friends are constantly correcting my grammar. The plates are cute and totally perfect for my “grammar nazi” friend 🙂

  4. Victoria Ess says:

    I actually love these! I’m a grad student, and this would be a hit with my friends.

  5. Joan G says:

    Can’t say I share the same passion for grammar – not sure what I would do with these or who I would give them to.

  6. Grace F says:

    These are great plates! Good or bad, I would definitely label myself a ‘grammar Nazi’. In marketing it is such an essential quality to possess and a definite reflection of your grasp of the English language. These are a definite buy for me! The shipping is sure brutal however!

  7. Vesper says:

    IKOVE bonus entry: we were taught the correct grammar at school

  8. Alison K says:

    IKOVE bonus entry: I must say I was good at grammar until they didn’t teach it anymore & as they say if you don’t practice you lose it but I do try to watch my there/they’re/their mistakes. Spell/grammar check are my lifesavers. Like the plates 😉

  9. Susan says:

    It must be the teacher in me because I love these plates! I am also a spelling fanatic. I wish the price was more affordable though.

  10. Donnas says:

    I love these plates and I can’t fathom why people don’t know the difference between “than” and “then”. I see these two words use incorrectly SO often. Get real people.

  11. diane p says:

    It is so important and I am always trying to improve. Love the plates.

  12. janicour says:

    Love the plates. I find myself really annoyed at poor grammar. I am a college teacher, and the students today really don’t get the basics. I often get “are” for “our’.

  13. cookie3 says:

    Love the plates. Poor grammar has always annoyed me.(This is coming from someone who’s first language was not English)

  14. julia g says:

    They need a stationery/stationary plate and an every day/everyday plate.

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