Keep On Rollin’

Matt Singer Backgammon

What It Is: You all know how I love to write about ‘splurges’ every now and again. Well today’s gift fits in that category and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn. I am a backgammon nerd (and informal champ) and this artfully designed roll-up game board well, it sings to me. Made from real suede and leather, it features a handy pouch to store your dice and playing pieces and comes with a custom ‘wagering die’. When you’re done cleaning the floor with an unworthy opponent, it rolls up to the size of an umbrella. Beauty & brains? I’m in love.

Who It’s For: Your backgammon-playing spouse, obviously. Your retiree parents, to enjoy wherever their travels may take them. Your niece or nephew, as a posh grad gift.

What It Costs: Breathe with me. $240. Plus about $60 shipping (strangely, priority is only $3 more than economy). I don’t even care!

Where It’s At: The Matt Singer shop online.

Obviously I know splashing out on a swank board game isn’t for everyone…to earn a bonus entry into yesterday’s back to school beauty giveaway, tell me in the comments below: if you could own a luxe version of any game, which would it be?

9 Responses to “Keep On Rollin’”
  1. Julie G. says:

    I’d like a luxe version of Boggle – silly, I know.

  2. Annie Demill says:

    Backgammon! I love this game also

  3. cookie3 says:

    I already own a protable backgammon game (briefcase style) so I’d have to say I’d want a luxury Scrabble game. Bring it on!!

  4. Grace F says:

    Being a Backgammon addict I would go for this game board. Pricey, but love how compact and luxurious it is!

  5. Joan G says:

    I’d love to have a deluxe Scrabble game to impress my friends.

  6. Victoria Ess says:

    Definitely chess — I’ve always wanted a fancy marble chess set.

  7. Actually I do own a very lovely glass set to play chess, checkers and backgammon, so I think that’s pretty much all I want and would like to own

  8. Susan says:

    I’d probably like a Luxe version of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit.

  9. Diane says:

    It would be backgammon for me.

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