Pumped Up Kicks

HBC Jack Purcell Converse Sneakers

What It Is: I find this such an odd / interesting collaboration. Converse has teamed up with Jack Purcell, a Canadian Badminton player, to create a limited edition pair of shoes representing the world’s oldest store: The Bay. The brand’s signature stripes are in full effect on these fuzzy yet classic sneaks, but these kicks are available in an extremely limited run – they just went on sale yesterday so hopefully you’ll still be able to snap up a pair if you’re so inclined. They are sadly, cut for men’s feet – but you can still ogle your man’s lower half to live vicariously right?

Who It’s For: Sneaker freaks. Grown-up skater boys. Hipster Bay babes.

What It Costs: $120 (yup, splurge). The site I found them on has a pretty blah international shipping rate ($50) but you have the option to use a rerouting service and take advantage of potentially lower rates.

Where It’s At: Do some searching – I found ’em on a site called Canvas Malibu.

Bonus entry into yesterday’s breakfast bonanza! Feel free to pin any of those five items + today’s shoes for up to SIX bonus entries. Just leave links back to your pins in the comments below.

Also a quick publishing change for you all to note. Effective immediately I’ll be pushing pause on weekend posts, with the exception of when the 10th (and 10 for $10) or the 1st of the month comes up on a weekend. It’s likely the holiday season will still see weekend posts, due to the insanely high volume of coverage I’m asked to take on in November / December. The reason? There are many pro (i.e. paid) blogs I read out there, authored by multiple authors, that take Saturdays & Sundays ‘off’. Where my blog is written by a single, unpaid person, I could really use the extra time that goes toward those posts and put it toward researching and better planning my posting schedule. That’s not to say you’ll never see a weekend post again, but I’m giving myself the flexibility to not stick to such a rigid, seven days a week schedule!

25 Responses to “Pumped Up Kicks”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    Love those HBC stripes! Pinned the HBC Jack Purcell Converse Sneakers http://pinterest.com/pin/284712007666326663/
    Pinned the Magimix Coloured Vision Toaster http://pinterest.com/pin/284712007666326664/

  2. Dreena says:

    Bonus Pin Entry for Breakfast Bonanza:

  3. Dreena says:

    Bonus pin entry:

  4. Dreena says:

    Bonus pin entry:

  5. Dreena says:

    Bonus pin entry:

  6. Dreena says:

    Bonus pin entry:

  7. Dreena says:

    Bonus entry:

    Cheers and enjoy the weekends!

  8. mousecat says:

    everyone deserves time off, including you! Love your blog!

  9. Victoria Ess says:

    Yay, good for you for giving yourself weekends!

  10. Victoria Ess says:

    Bonus pins:

  11. Susan says:

    These are a great sneaker item. Can’t believe they aren’t available at HBC!

  12. Alison K says:

    Ultimate Breakfast bonus entries:
    HBC Jack Purcell Converse Sneakers: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/190347521724143465/
    Breville Juicer Elite: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/190347521724143485/
    Nespresso Citiz With Mlik: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/190347521724143491/
    KA-Waffle-Maker: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/190347521724143497/
    Breville Breadmaker: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/190347521724143497/
    Magimix Coloured Vision Toaster: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/190347521724143512/
    Thank you

  13. stacey h says:


  14. stacey h says:

    pin 2

  15. stacey h says:

    pin 3

  16. stacey h says:

    pin 4

  17. stacey h says:

    pin 5

  18. stacey h says:

    pin 6

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