Merry Mixtmas

One of my favourite parts of writing holiday posts is when I discover totally new brands and get to share them with you. The holidays involve more research than any other time of year on the Canadian Gift Guide, so luckily there are plenty of brands to choose from. With that in mind, today I’m pleased to introduce MIXT Studio, a Californian brand that produces an eclectic line of handmade goods that are both wonderful for gifting and wrapping your precious presents in. With Christmas just over a month away, now seemed the like the perfect time to bring them to you. Below I’ve highlighted a few of my favourite products from their line-up, along with some details on what to expect from this wonderful line.

MIXT Studios Christmas OnesiesHoliday Baby Onesies – $28 each
I have quite a few friends that are celebrating their first Christmases with a new little arrival this year, which makes it very tempting for me to pick up one of these adorable holiday-themed onesies. Featuring greetings like ‘I Rule The Yule’, ‘Christmas Rookie’ and ‘Santa Baby’, they come packaged up in a cute Tyvek sack, similar to the one Jolly St. Nick carries, making them absolutely ready for gifting. They’re also an ace choice if you’re gifting to someone that’s planning to do some a baby photoshoot or a family portrait for the season.

MIXT Studios Holiday - Gifting SetHoliday Gifting Set – $9
It’s oh too rare that I get to feature actual ideas for wrapping up your precious presents. Unlike other occasions (birthdays, Valentine’s, et al), I actually think it’s a good investment to have some holiday wrap you really love. The reason? It’s likely going to be on display for weeks on end, possibly while having company over – think of your treasures under the tree as a piece of seasonal decor. And really, one that’s relatively inexpensive and ultra festive. This all-in-one wrapping set includes three sheets of themed, recycled paper (to help cut down on the Christmas waste) along with three gift cards and cottony twine to put a bow on it.

MIXT Studios Growth Chart‘Rules To Live By’ Growth Chart – $55
Hey there cool aunt / uncle / godparent / cousin / best friend. What a cool gift idea you’ve brought over. Namely, this stylin’ letterpress-inspired growth chart, with two measures to keep tabs on the growth spurts your favourite little munchkins. Along the way, they can also learn some pretty valuable lessons when you’re not in the home to impart your wisest wisdom. Printed on sturdy canvas and easily hung, this is a cool piece for the family that’s got toddling tots or older kids that deserve to have their height progress tracked – plus it makes a great keepsake down the road.

MIXT Studios Paper Chain KitPaper Chain Kit – $12
Want to get the kids involved in a timeless holiday decorating tradition? These fun Paper Chain Kits come with an assortment of 44 recycled paper in a range of vintage-inspired patterns – from bohemian florals to textile-like prints, you can mix and match them in virtually any order to have a truly unique and eye-catching tree accoutrement. In fact, you may be tempted to hang your one-of-a-kind creation around the mantle or in the kids’ rooms year-round. A really cool choice to gift your kids with, or to a sibling that’s looking to make their own holiday style mark for the first time.

MIXT Studios Mash-Up PadMash-Up Pad – $7
Funny that notebooks – where we’re encouraged to jot down brilliant ideas, bits of wisdom, and snippets of prose – are also pretty bland on the inside. Not so with this eco-friendly stocking stuffer pick. Each notepad features about 40 pages, but every one of those pages is unique from the others, which may inspire your mind as you turn the page to write your latest and greatest ideas (or grocery lists). Where does the random assortment of pages come from you ask? They’re either printed in tandem with other projects or on remnant paper that would otherwise end up in the trash. A really cool idea for the teen or student in your life that could use a little inspiration when they put pen to paper.

MIXT Studios Reversible TotesReversible Totes – $38 each
Are you ready to have your mind blown multiple times? First of all, these cheery tote bags, as per the title and photo above, are reversible – allowing you to pull double duty without getting bored of a particular colour or pattern. Exciting yes, but not quite as mind-blowing until you realize these are printed on PAPER. A fabric-y paper, but still. What does that mean for care you ask? Actually, not a whole lot. These lightweight totes are quite sturdy, resistant to stains and water, can’t be torn, and are actually, miraculously machine washable. And if one day you ever do need to part ways? You can actually recycle them. Brilliant. Available in four reversible styles, this is a perfect beach bag, farmer’s market carrier, or emergency bag to toss in your trunk for grabbing dinner, groceries, or library books.

Based on the fact I just wrote an entire post about them, I can assure you that MIXT Studio does provide reasonable Canadian shipping rates, along with a whole host of other ideas I simply didn’t have room to feature. I strongly encourage you to take a perusal yourself, as you could be one of three lucky winners to take home a $50 gift card! Interested in snapping up some MIXT Studio goods? Here’s how to enter:

1) Visit the MIXT Studio website and tell me how you’d spend your $50 in the comments below before December 7th.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around December 8th to select the winners, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entries: MIXT Studio is on Facebook. Like them. Leave a comment about why you Like them. Leave a link back to your comment. Earn a bonus entry. Easy!

48 Responses to “Merry Mixtmas”
  1. Leah says:

    I would spend it on some of the adorable onesies!

  2. Julie G. says:

    Lots of great ideas to choose from. Think I’d pick GROWTH CHART: ROBOTICK MARK

  3. I have a new niece (born in October) who’d look fab the onesies, so I’d go for that. I especially like the Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat , and Drool is Cool versions.

  4. cookie3 says:

    I would spend it on the Lacy reusable Wine Bag & the Sealife Reversible tote.

  5. Cairine says:

    I would spend my gift card on the Sealife Reversible Tote.

  6. I like MIXT Studio is on Facebook and commented

  7. Linda Peters says:

    Love the Butterfly Kisses Card Set, thanks

  8. Taps says:

    I would spend on Exotic Spades Reversible Tote and the Growth Chart: Rules To Live By

  9. Gemma says:

    I’d get the Flutter Reversible Tote and Card Sets: Children’s Fill-in-the-Blank Thank You

  10. Chantelle says:

    I would buy the mandela reversible tote and probably a party pack or two

  11. Kimberley says:

    I would probably spend it one of the reversible totes and a onesie.

  12. GARRY S says:


  13. May says:

    I would spend it on the Zigzag reversible tote and the Butterfly Kisses card set!

  14. i love the reversible Tote Bags

  15. beewbedard says:

    I would get their Sealife Reversible Tote

  16. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d spend it on a reversible tote and a reusable wine bag.

  17. stellar says:

    I would spend it on this Sealife Reversible Tote.

  18. angie erickson says:

    I love the reversible tote!

  19. Pam says:

    Very cute wrapping paper

  20. Diane says:

    I would spend it on the Sealife Reversible Tote and Sealife wine bag.

  21. CLC says:

    I’d get the Sealife Reversible Tote.

  22. nicolthepickle says:

    I would spend it on MANDALA MAMBA – GIFTING SET and the DECEMBERED – FLAT SHEET, and the paper chain kit.

  23. nicolthepickle says:

    Facebook like and comment.

  24. Wanda Bergman says:

    I would probably spend it on gift wrap. I especially like Oodles Gifting Set.

  25. Joan G says:

    I would most likely buy the set of 3 reusable wine bags, some Snow Dript gifting sets and the paper Chain Kit

  26. Susan says:

    I would spend my $50 on the Rules to Live By Growth Chart.

  27. intensev5 says:

    I like the Snow Drift Party Pack

  28. Sunshine G says:

    I’d get the girl A-Z wildlife print.

  29. Leah says:

    I love the baby onesies and gift wrap, that’s what I would buy!

  30. KellyPC says:

    There are so many awesome items! I think I’d pick up a Snow Drift Party Pack, a Mandala Wine Bag, a Paper Chain Kit (great idea!), a Mash Up Pad & a set of bands in the Flurry Collection!

  31. Jess says:

    I’d spend the $50 on all the gift wraps! 😉

  32. Marianna P says:

    I’m always looking for cute paper so probably these Mash-Up Pad – $7

  33. Lorna M. says:

    I would buy the cards. They make such beautiful cards.

  34. midgeknows says:

    i would buy the beach bum oneie and wrapping paper
    thanks for the chance

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