Put A Ring On It

MemoringWhat It Is: An uber-compact, functional and funky USB Flash Drive. Loaded with 4 GBs of space for all your essential documents and photos, this silicone ring fits snugly around your finger for a piece of statement jewellery, but can also be easily unclipped to reveal a USB plug. Available in three citrus shades plus classic black and white, it’s the perfect way to keep your private information right at your fingertips – literally.

Who It’s For: Your college student daughter, so she won’t forget her homework assignment in the library computer. Your high stylin’ coworker, for transporting those spreadsheets and presentations from her desk to the board room. Your blog writing best friend, as a part-accessory, part-practical purpose gift.

What It Costs: $28

Where It’s At: MollaSpace, who does indeed ship globally, however they also have a list of online and Canadian retailers which you may also want to scope out.

Bonus entry into yesterday’s Blurb giveaway: Tell me in the comments below, could you see yourself making use of this nifty gadget? Which colour would you pick?

12 Responses to “Put A Ring On It”
  1. Suzanne G says:

    I probably would not buy this product as I do not need it but the colour I would choose is yellow.

  2. Kimberley says:

    I print quite a few pictures at the photo store so this would be useful for getting them there and home safely. I would probably get it in yellow. Less likely to forget something that bright in the computer.

  3. Julie G. says:

    Yes, I think I might use this – I’d select black.

  4. Susan says:

    A great idea that combines function and fashion! I would probably choose the pink or black.

  5. John Crawley says:

    I would choose basic black

  6. cookie3 says:

    Would I use it? Possibly. The pink would be my choice,since they don’t have purple.

  7. I dont think I would really use this

  8. Juliee Fitze says:

    Yes I could see me using it , I would like blue.

  9. Emilia says:

    I sure would, perfect for travelling and having fun, I would feel like a spy. I like the pink one.

  10. Joan G says:

    I’m not sure I would make use of this item but if I did I would choose the pink.

  11. Athena says:

    I think I would, and if so, I’d choose pink.

  12. diane says:

    I probably would use it and I like the lime green.

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