10 for $10: Gold Medal Edition

With the Sochi Olympics in full swing, it’s time to pick out a few fun gift ideas for those of us with dreams of competing one day, or perhaps those that just like to root for our home team whilst abroad. These gifts are all available for $10 or less – not including shipping. Enjoy!

OLYMPIC COLLECTION 2014 Snow Top Red Mittens

OLYMPIC COLLECTION 2014 Snow Top Red Mittens – $10 @ Hudson’s Bay
It’s incredible to think how far these little red mittens have come since their debut four years ago. $3.33 of these mitts go to support Canadian athletes, so upgrade last year’s raggedy old pair today.

Sochi Polar Bear BraceletBear Mascot Bracelet – $10 @ The Sochi Olympic Store
Fair warning, the shipping policies on this site aren’t the best (sigh, Russia). But if you want official merch, look no further. I picked out this cute, mascot and snowflake-bedazzled bracelet as a pick for budding Olympians to gaze at.

Canadian Olympic Team Ice ScraperCanadian Olympic Team Ice Scraper – $4.99 @ Canadian Tire
It’s only fitting that a celebration of ice and snow would extend to you scraping off the frost on your car windows. This pint-sized scraper is good in a pinch (or for doubling up scraping duties with a friend).

Precious Metal Mousse ShadowSEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Precious Metal Mousse Eyeshadow – $10 @ Sephora
If you really want to shine, this highly pigmented mousse eyeshadow glides on like a dream. Perfect for attending Closing Ceremony parties or for just daily wear during the Games.

Puckster Goes To The OlympicsPuckster Goes to the Olympics by Lorna Schultz Nicholson – $6.99 @ Indigo
A cute find for a budding Team Canada member, this book follows our national hockey team’s cuddly mascot as he heads overseas to serve as the team’s stick boy (or bear, as it were) and plays alongside illustrated versions of some of your favourite players.

Cedar SachetCedar Sachet Canadian Olympics – $6.83
Keep the moths at bay while keeping your clothes smelling fresh with this versatile cedar sachet. Upcycled from a vintage tie, you can hang this sachet in your closet or tuck it into a drawer.

Olympic NailsOlympic Nail Decals – $4 for 10 at Paipur Nails
If you’re attending an Olympics event over the next two weeks, why not bring the hostess some fun decals the two of you can indulge in applying? These non-toxic decals are available in every nation you can imagine and consist of five fun patterns (two of each are provided so you can do both hands). Bonus, they ship from Canada so you should get them tout suite.

ultimate office olympicsThe Ultimate Office Olympics by Eric Saunders – $5.95
Ticked off that you can’t watch the events whilst trapped in the office? Transform your workplace into a virtual arena with dozens of puzzles and activities for you and your coworkers to tackle.

Olympic iPhone CasesCanadian Olympic Team iPhone Cases – $9.99 each @ Canadian Tire
Stay in touch with the latest scores and medal standings while showing your national pride with one of these three Canadian-themed iPhone cases (available for 4/4S and 5).

Olympic Team WebsiteCanadian Olympic Foundation Donations – $?
Whether they’re winning or losing, our athletes will always need and appreciate our support. Consider putting a smile on the grandkids’ faces by donating $10 a pop in their names to future generations of all-star athletes.

Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut bonus entry anyone? Tell me in the comments below: are you watching the Sochi Olympics? Which of these gift ideas would you choose?

21 Responses to “10 for $10: Gold Medal Edition”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    I am watching, and I like the mittens

  2. Katie says:

    How could I not watch! I think that the Office Ultimate Olympics would be a unique gift to get

  3. Julie G. says:

    Yup, I’ve been watching the Olympics. Go Canada!
    I like the Nail Decals.

  4. Leah says:

    Not watching the Olympics. I’d like the cedar sachet best.

  5. Joan G says:

    Wouldn’t miss them – I like the mittens.

  6. May says:

    I am watching the Olympics! I really like the Olympic Nail Decals!

  7. Annie Demill says:

    Watching as much as I can. I love the mitts!

  8. ikkinlala says:

    I’m watching bits and pieces of the Olympics, but not trying to catch every event. I like the cedar sachet.

  9. mousecat says:

    Definately watching! I’d like the mitts. I think I will upgrade my old raggedy pair!!

  10. cookie3 says:

    Watching as much as possible. Love the mitts & the nail decals.

  11. Jenn Erin says:

    I just got the mitts! Love them!!!

  12. linnett says:

    of course we are watching the Olympics and would love to have a set of the Mittens, thanks

  13. Victoria Ess says:

    I am definitely watching, especially the skating events, and I love the Canadian Olympic Team Ice Scraper!

  14. Donnas says:

    I watch the Olympics whenever possible, so that would be in the evenings after work.
    I like the mittens and the sachet.

  15. I watch the highlights on the news. Once I know that they haven’t fallen down (my nerves can’t take live skating for skiing). I really like the gold eyeshadow.

  16. Emilia says:

    Yes I watch the Olympics, I would like the Olympic Nail Decals

  17. Susan says:

    I am watching some of the games. I like the mittens.

  18. Alison K says:

    Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut bonus entry: no, I’m not watching the Sochi Olympics. Of these gift ideas I would choose the “OLYMPIC COLLECTION 2014 Snow Top Red Mittens – $10 @ Hudson’s Bay”

  19. janicour says:

    Will be watching the Olympics . I love all the gifts above, I have the Mitts, so I would go with the iphone case..red of course.

  20. beewbedard says:

    we are TOTALLY watching I love the Puckster Goes to the Olympics by Lorna Schultz Nicholson

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