Find Of The Month: Electric Picks

Some of the coolest designers out there all tend to have something in common. They aren’t just driven to create beautiful things; they’re motivated by something within them. That something is infused into every piece – a virtual segment of the designer’s true heart and passion, on display for you to wear.

Electric Picks Guitar Pick Bracelets

Such is the case with Electric Picks, a lineup of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind bracelets that pair the designers’ adoration of rock n’ roll with eye-catching accessories. The brand itself is relatively new on the scene, both both Mj Barton and Chantel Gia have had a lifelong affair with music, and that incredible feeling you get when your favourite track comes on the radio or you iPod. Their brand, Electric Picks, seeks to allow music lovers to rep their interests in a chic way.

Electric Picks Men's BraceletsThe collection includes styles for both men and women, each of which follows a general schema of classic round beads and a vintage or custom guitar pick (although many of the women’s styles don’t feature a pick at all, in lieu of gems, spikes and other beads).

Electric PicksThe idea isn’t to just don one, but dozens, for a slice of rocker glam style. Of course, the more jewelry-shy may want to start out with just one or two – but the variable price points (starting at about $38 and climbing up to over $120) make it easy to build your collection – and fast. Looking for a truly unique gift? Electric Picks can also customize a bracelet for you. Snap up your hubby, bandmate or kid’s pick when they’re not looking, ship it in and the lovely design duo of Mj and Chantel will work with you to craft the perfect look.

Electric Picks Celeb Fans

Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson, Green Day’s Tre Cool, Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons and Jenny McCarthy

Although Electric Picks is relatively fresh on the scene, they have racked up tons of press – and fans. The collage above represents a seriously small fraction of the celebs that have donned an Electric Picks piece. From young starlets like Evan Rachel Wood, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens to rock legends like Green Day’s Tre Cool and Guns & Roses drummer Matt Sorum to famous personalities like Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri to respected actors like David Arquette and Gerard Butler to dozens of other musicians, singers, producers, DJs, actresses, actors and more – you’re in good company when rockin’ one of these bracelets.

Electric Picks Women's BraceletsElectric Picks aren’t sold anywhere in Canada just yet in terms of bricks & mortar locations, but they will happily ship to Canada for reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gem to suit your rocker girl best friend or your jammin’ boyfriend or your still rock n’ roll to me parents, they’ve got you covered with dozens of styles and growing.

E Picks

Finally, I’ve got some exciting news for all your rockin’ readers. Electric Picks has graciously agreed to award two winners with the bracelet of their choice! Interested in scoring a piece of rock n’ roll history for your wrist? Here’s how to enter:

1) Visit the Electric Picks online shop and leave a comment below telling me which bracelet style you’d rock (they’re all named!) You have until April 30th to share your pick.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around May 1st, 2014 to select the winners, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entries: 3 ways to rack them up. In all cases, you’ve gotta provide proof you’ve done what I’ve asked by leaving a comment below, whether it’s a link to your FB post or what have you.

Facebook – Like the page AND leave a comment about your favourite bracelet! Leave a link to your post in the comments below.

Twitter – Follow @ElectricPicks AND send out a Tweet tagging them and linking back to this post! Leave a link back to your Tweet in the comments below.

Instagram – Follow @electricpicks on Instagram and leave a comment on your favourite photo. Link back to the photo / your comment below.


101 Responses to “Find Of The Month: Electric Picks”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    I would pick the JAGGER-Skull bracelet to give to my brother. He plays in a band and would love this.

  2. Joan G says:

    My choice would be the Goldenrule bracelet – it suits my style.

  3. Taps says:

    i would rock R O C K-OF-A G E S.. as its more like my style..

  4. Julie G. says:

    I’d choose the No-Diggity bracelet.

  5. neednewspace says:

    I’ve got two “Picks” on my list! Anthem – Skull and Guitar for the Hubby and Rapture for me! These are all so gorgeous!

  6. Jennifer Deol says:

    I love the ROCK N ROLL stack! (Also the Alcatrez if it has to be a single bracelet style.) Great idea: going to buy one for my teenaged daughter! Thank-you.

  7. cookie3 says:

    These are so neat. I have 2 that I love < Revolver & Centerfold.

  8. I like the T R O P H Y-W I F E in Gold

  9. Kimberley says:

    I love the RAPPER’S-DELIGHT bracelet.

  10. I like Sinatra. The blue colours are pretty, and I like the sinister addition of the silver skulls.

  11. May says:

    I love the Coachella!

  12. Audrey Skinner says:

    I love ELIXAR but would be happy with any of them.

  13. Jeannie says:

    I love the Dagger bracelet.

  14. Jerry Chrapko says:

    I think they are all

  15. Cairine says:

    I would choose Marbella. I liked and commented on their Facebook site.

  16. Jennifer Richardson says:

    I would pick Thorn. I liked and commented on Facebook and followed and Tweeted

  17. Sara A says:

    I’d rock the E A R T H- A N G E L-Crown!

  18. Marilyn says:

    B I R T H-R I G H T-Aquarius

  19. Emilia says:

    I’m a romantic love the Trophy-wife-gold

  20. Susan T. says:

    I love the Emerald City a lot!

  21. Susan T. says:

    I like them on Facebook as Susan Terendy. My comment on their page:

  22. Susan T. says:

    I follow on twitter as @suekitty13. My tweet:

  23. Susan T. says:

    I follow on Instagram as suekitty13. Photo I commented on:

  24. diane says:

    I really like gangsta paradise.

  25. I like the no diggity bracelet

  26. beewbedard says:

    love the I Want To Live in A Music Festival Forever

  27. Alison K says:

    Visited the Electric Picks online shop and the bracelet style I’d rock is their “Twinkle” Women’s Bracelet

  28. Alison K says:

    Bonus Entries Twitter: Followed @ElectricPicks & sent a Tweet (sorry not sure if we’re doing single comment per task or one comment for all). Thks

  29. Megan Young says:

    GLAM-ROCK-love is so cute! I want it!

  30. Holly says:

    I like Smokey Star!

  31. mousecat says:

    I like “Bank Robber”!!

  32. linnett says:

    I Love the Lola bracelet, thanks

  33. CLC says:

    I’d like Birthright-Taurus.

  34. KellyLS says:

    I’d pick the Tryst bracelet

  35. Edith Rennes says:

    T R A N S C E N D-Stack is the one I’d choose

  36. Pam says:

    Cute bracelets

  37. Heather Swanson says:

    Bermuda Triangle

  38. carrie says:

    Free falling headphones is awesome

  39. stashmom says:

    Love the Rappers Delight

  40. melacat says:

    R O C K-OF-A G E S is my pick

  41. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    I like TrophyWifeGold best, with BedofRoses second.

  42. Lisa says:

    I like the Sinatra bracelet.

  43. intensev5 says:

    I like the B L U E-S U E D E bracelet

  44. Sue says:

    I love the Sinatra bracelet.

  45. Shawn says:

    That JAGGER-Skull bracelet is awesome!

  46. I like S P R I N G S T E E N bracelet, I have FB, Twitted this contest page, Thanks !!

  47. patton537 says:

    I like the S P R I N G S T E E N bracelet, I have shred this contest on FB Twitter.

  48. sean pynaert says:

    The chariot bracelet would look great on my wife.

  49. Brandie D says:

    I LOVE Shot thru the Heart!!!

  50. susan says:

    Coachella for me

  51. Victoria K says:

    I would rock the I Want To Live in A Music Festival Forever bracelet.

  52. I absolutely love the E L I X A R bracelet!

  53. Toby says:

    Love the Pandora!

  54. Pat B says:


  55. I’d rock the N I G H T-R I D E R-Star bracelet!

  56. I liked and commented on Fb!

  57. I tweeted and followed!

  58. jessica eapen says:

    I like the BedofRoses!

  59. JaimeeM says:

    Defnitely love the ‘earth angel stack’ bracelet!

  60. JaimeeM says:

  61. Sherry K says:

    Just love the Hard-To-Get Bracelet

  62. Sherry K says:

    Just love the Hard-to-Get bracelet –

  63. Leah says:

    I like the Tough Love women’s bracelet!

  64. William Stewart says:

    B I R T H-R I G H T-Pisces

  65. William Stewart says:
  66. William Stewart says:

  67. Angela Mitchell says:

    I like the Coachella one the best!

  68. Anne says:

    I would pick from Silver stuff – this is fun jewelry!

  69. Lisa says:

    I love the Lucy In The Sky Rock.. They are all great!

  70. BlessedTA says:

    “Gangsta’s Paradise” Women’s Bracelet

  71. Maegan Morin says:

    Well I finally narrowed it down to 2… THORN and Teen Spirit – Silver.
    They are all so freakin gorgeous!!

  72. Aimee says:

    Shot through the heart

  73. Bon Jovi all the way — my favourite is “Shot Thru The Heart” Women’s Bracelet!

  74. I like Electric Picks by Mj Barton & Chantel Gia on FB

    My FB comment:

  75. I follow @ElectricPicks on Twitter (@pinecone8)

    My Twitter comment:

  76. I follow @electricpicks on Instagram (pinecone88)

    Link back to the photo / my comment:

  77. Nicole B says:

    I love alcatraz!

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