It’s All Four You


Guess what? As of this month, the Canadian Gift Guide is celebrating four years of bringing you the very best gift-giving ideas accessible to Canadians. Some of you have been long, longtime readers, others of you are relatively new. Either way, I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your thoughtful comments and kind words over the years – this blog is an incredible amount of work, and knowing that I actually have a pretty loyal following is part of what motivates me to keep this going.

Over the next month, I’ll once again be rolling out a fair number of jam-packed posts filled with giveaways and amazing gift ideas in line with wedding season, summer vacations, graduation celebrations, and of course dads!

As an extra special bonus, I’m also once again offering up the chance to win buckets full of bonus entries. As I often explain to people, the bigger this blog gets, the easier it is for me to partner with new brands. So as tempting as it may be to keep this gift resource a secret, I strongly encourage you to spread the word! For this month only, if you recruit a new subscriber to the Canadian Gift Guide and they enter at least one giveaway, all you have to do is come back to this post, tell me their name and what post they’ve commented on, and that you referred them. You’ll earn yourself an extra bonus entry into every single giveaway this month (provided you’ve entered first, of course), as well as July’s Find of the Month! So tell your friends, tell your family members, tell your neighbours – the Canadian Gift Guide is celebrating yet another year, and I want them to join in the party!

Again, thanks for all the support. Here’s to another year complete, and whatever the future may hold!

7 Responses to “It’s All Four You”
  1. May says:

    Happy 4 years! Keep the gift giving ideas coming:)

  2. Susan says:

    Congratulations on four fabulous years. Wishing continued success! Thanks for the great gift ideas and giveaways.

  3. Jenn Erin says:

    Wow, congratulations! x

  4. Marlene says:

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Alison K says:

    You certainly have brought us the very best gift-giving ideas accessible to Canadians & we/I thank you for that. As well, we can’t forget all the amazing introductions & giveaways you have generously given to us. Let’s grow old together! Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Brenda Penton says:

    Happy Blogiversary!

  7. Victoria Ess says:

    Congrats! Thanks for all your hard work and opening my eyes to unique gift ideas!

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