Take Me Away

DAVIDsTEA Take Me To...What It Is: A limited edition series of three tea collections, each inspired by a particular region. Logically said regions are also the associated birthplaces of these various types of tea. Each gift set includes three canisters of a particular blend of tea. From Brazil, you’ve got the energy-inducing Maté set, which includes Green Maté, Main Squeeze, and Jumpy Monkey. If you’re keen on Black Teas, the India collection is filled with three fragrant, spicy options, including Pure Chai, Assam Banaspaty, and Second Flush Darjeeling. Finally from Japan, you’ve got three green tea choices: Japanese Sencha, Genmaicha, and Gyokuro. Drink up!

Who It’s For: A tea devotee that’s really into any one of these three blends. A snazzy hostess gift for a weekend brunch or book club meeting. Your colleagues, to set out on the kitchen counter for everyone to get a little more (tea) cultured.

What It Costs: Each set is $24.50.

Where It’s At: DAVIDsTEA stores and online.

Bonus entry into my Dudley giveaway! Tell me in the comments below – which of these tasty tea sets would you love to gift or receive?

15 Responses to “Take Me Away”
  1. Sherry K says:

    I would choose the Japanese green teas.

  2. Alison K says:

    Dudley bonus entry: of these tasty tea sets I would love to receive the fragrant India collection – chai tea is my favourite! Thanks

  3. SueSueper says:

    I would like the set from Japan –> Japanese Sencha, Genmaicha, and Gyokuro.

  4. May says:

    I would love the green tea edition!

  5. Elaan says:

    I would love to try Take Me to Brazil – but if I was gifting, I’d give my Mom Take Me to Japan. 🙂

  6. Suzanne G says:

    I would love to get the Black Teas for myself.

  7. Joan G. says:

    Brazil makes good coffee – only makes sense they might make good tea so I’d like to try it,

  8. jessica eapen says:

    i’d like to received the Japan!

  9. Susan T. says:

    I would love the Brazil set and my mom would love the Japan set!

  10. janicour says:

    I love the fragrances of India.

  11. Susan says:

    I would try Take Me To India as I primarily drink black tea.

  12. beewbedard says:

    I would love any one of them – they all sound great LOVE tea

  13. Victoria Ess says:

    I would try Take Me To India first!

  14. Athena says:

    The Mate set!

  15. cookie3 says:

    I’d love to receive the Brazil set & give the India set to my sister who loves anything Chai

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