Stocking Stuffers The Kids Will Love

Today marks my last foray into the world of stocking stuffers – and this time I’m honing in on kid-friendly ideas for the rugrats in your household. As always, these stocking stuffers come in at a range of price points to suit whatever your stocking budget may be. Happy shopping – and playing!

Mr. Men Mad LibsMr Men & Little Miss Mad Libs – $4.99 @ Indigo
This cute gift ideas spans two classic realms – Mad Libs and the ‘Mr. Men’ series of picture books. Each page of this rib-tickling book features a fill-in-the-blanks story featuring your kids’ favourite characters from the books. While it’s plenty of fun and a good way to keep the kids occupied it also offers an additional bonus: your kids will be learning some language basics like verbs and adjectives, without even realizing they’re playing with an educational toy!

Nestle Club IglooNestlé Club Igloo – $8.99 @ Mass Market Retailers Nationwide
How cute is this? This little igloo-shaped hut is chockful of delicious chocolate treats from Nestlé. In fact, it’s actually six treats in one. Your kids will get to unwrap a milk chocolate penguin, polar bear or owl, and then once they’ve munched their way through that, they’ll find some of their fave Nestlé treats inside each hollow animal – including Smarties, Crunch and Aero Bubbles. It’s a sugary sweet and ultra festive way to celebrate the holidays. I also want to note something else here…over my stocking stuffers posts you *may* have noticed an abundance of Nestlé treats but no giveaway. That’s because I’ve saved it for today’s post! That’s right, as part of today’s giveaway prize package, you will be nabbing a mega goodie package of Turtles, Black Magic, MACK Toffee and the Club Igloo above! Scroll down for more details…

LEGO Mini Trinket BoxesLEGO Mini Trinket Boxes – $5.95 each @ ROLO
Stash spare coins, marbles, trinkets, or whatever collectibles your kid is into with one of these little storage boxes from LEGO. Available in a host of rainbow colours, these cute brick boxes can also function as a container for your kids’ snacks – as long as they’re pint-sized enough (like raisins or nuts). Although the bricks don’t stack, any Master Builder in your household will still appreciate the opportunity to add a little more LEGO to their life.

Elefun and Friends Barrel of Monkeys GameElefun & Friends Barrel of Monkeys Game – $6.78 @ Walmart
In another classic pick, why not stuff the kids’ stocking with a barrel full of fun? This classic Hasbro game challenges you to create the longest monkey ‘parade’ by linking the arms of the plastic primates – without dropping any of your existing monkeys. The longest chain wins in this addictive and straightforward game, which also helps kids develop motor skills and hand eye coordination…and honestly, adults love it just as much! Get swinging with this fun, family-friendly stocking stuffer idea.

Munchkin Bath CrayonsMunchkin Bath Crayons – $5.99 @
Skip writing on the walls and encourage kids to express their ‘creative’ sides with these unique, water soluble crayons meant for the tub. Sold in a 5-pack of rainbow hues, it’s a good way to keep the little ones entertained while you get busy getting them clean. The crayons are specifically designed to be used on slick surfaces like your tub or tile walls, and can be easily washed off with a wet rag or sponge. They’re specifically designed for little hands as well, with a chunky handle so they won’t drop it too often while getting all sudsy.

InRoad Toys Play TapeInRoad Toys PlayTape – From $7.99
Forget pricy – and repetitive – plastic track sets. The world can be your little one’s oyster with InRoad Toys’ super innovative PlayTape. Available in a range of road and railroad track styles, this amazing product sticks to any flat surface, can be adjusted with ease, and is removable in a flash – without leaving residue! It’s also easy to rip, so your kids can try their hand at creating a whole wide world for the trains, planes and automobiles to traverse. And when you’re done, simply stash the tape roll away until Godzilla comes along to ‘destroy’ everything and you’re in need of a rebuild. InRoad Toys does ship to Canada, but they’re also available at select fine toy stores across Canada. Contact your local toy shop if they don’t already carry it to see if they can get some in stock – trust me, your kids will be clamoring for more rolls once they’ve got their paws on this stuff.

Barbie Outfits 2014Barbie Outfits – $8 each @ Walmart
Everyone knows that Barbie is nothing without her wardrobe – and instead of adding another doll to your daughter’s collection, why not just add a few new outfits to the mix? These appropriately festive ensembles above all come with matching heels and clutches, and plenty of sparkle and shine to make Barbie look glam wherever she’s going. It’s a super cost-effective way to keep Barbie – and your girls – super happy.

Canada Doodles
Canada Doodles by Megan Radford – $11.99
What a super cool, super Canadian stocking stuffer for kids! This pint-sized book teaches kids tons of facts about Canada, by traversing from coast to coast and highlighting cool historical moments and fun attractions through charming drawings by Peter Cook. After reading a sentence that introduces that particular slice of Canadiana, your kids will be encouraged to ‘doodle’ in the complete picture, like a ballet dancer for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (Canada’s oldest dance troupe) or a pile of cheese curds and gravy to create some poutine on top of a drawing of fries. It’s a neat way to get your kids interested in the great country we call home – and it’s the perfect size for your kid to have in the backseat during that road trip to Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

3D Car Puzzles3D Car Puzzles – $14.99 each @ Mastermind Toys
For the budding car enthusiast, I present you with a series of 3D car puzzles that will allow your little one to literally ‘build’ their dream car. Available in a range of different luxury models – from a Lamborghini to a BMW and beyond – each kit comes with approximately 60 pieces that your child will have fun stacking on top of one another. It’s a lot more brainy than a typical car kit, and your kid can display their new wheels after they’re done. Collect’ em all and give your son or daughter something to aspire to.

Reflect-a-SketchReflect-a-Sketch – $7.98 @ Carly’s Regal Gifts
Where was this when I was growing up? This is an ingenious device for any baby Picasso in the household. Simply stand this reflector up and it’ll give your kids an outline to trace onto a blank sheet of paper – helping them to grasp the lines and shapes that make up drawings of any type. Not only does this kit come with the reflector, it also comes with six blank pages and six starter drawings to get their fingers nice and nimble when drawing away. While a little more challenging than colouring, the potential rewards (and boost to your child’s hand eye coordination) will surely be worth it!

Stocking Stuffers for Kids Prize Package

Once again, I’ve got a really great prize package made up of some of the gift ideas highlighted in this post (and in a rare exception, some others). This stocking stuffers for kids prize package is valued at over $110! If you win, you’ll be receiving:

– A Nestlé chocolate prize package including 4x boxes of Turtles, 1x Black Magic chocolates, 1x MACK Toffee tin, and 1x Club Igloo
– 3x PlayTapes: a roll of Classic Road Tape Black, a roll of Classic Rail Tape and a roll of Classic Trolley Tape
– A copy of Canada Doodles
– A Reflect-a-Sketch kit

Here’s how to enter for your chance to score it all:

1) First: you must be a subscriber to the Canadian Gift Guide to enter this giveaway – it will take you a mere moment to sign up! Just find the ‘Gift of Gab’ box on the righthand side of this page and either hit Follow or enter your email address. Once you’ve done that (or if you already did it before), simply leave a comment on this post by December 30, 2014, telling me what your favourite ‘Stocking Stuffers for Kids’ gift ideas are from this post.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around December 31, 2014 to select the winner(s), who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: There are four ways to build up extra entries into this draw. For whatever bonus entry activities you tackle, be sure to leave your ‘proof’ in separate comments or your entries will not be counted. Got it? Good for you. Here’s your options:

Like Nestlé on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall regarding the flavour of Turtles you’re most interested in trying out (for a refresher, check them out here). Leave a link back to your wall post in a separate comment below.

Like InRoad Toys on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall regarding your favourite product from their line. Leave a link back to your wall post in a separate comment below.

Follow Raincoast Books on Twitter and send out a Tweet that tags them and me (@cdngiftguide) and mentions Canada Doodles. Link back to your Tweet in a separate comment below.

Like Carly’s Regal Gifts on Facebook and then leave a comment on their wall regarding your favourite stocking stuffer for the kiddies from the Carly’s Regal Gifts website. Link back to your wall post in a separate comment below.

124 Responses to “Stocking Stuffers The Kids Will Love”
  1. Julie G. says:

    I like the snazzie Barbie Outfits – great stocking stuffers!

  2. Oh I love them all! But especially the Reflect-A-Sketch kit, the Canada Doodles book and the LEGO mini trinket boxes. Thank you for the great ideas!

  3. Karen says:

    My grandchildren would love these, especially the Reflect a Sketch.

  4. Shelley N says:

    Love the Inroads Toys Play tape -what a brilliant idea

  5. KellyPC says:

    My favs are the Canada Doodles & the Lego trinket boxes! I’m so happy that Mr Men/Little Miss characters are still around!

  6. Elena says:

    My kids don’t get chocolate often but at Christmas they do, so the Nestle gifts would be nice

  7. CLC says:

    I like the reflect a sketch and the club igloo treats

  8. dorcontest says:

    Oh my … the Reflect-a-Sketch is my most fave. dorcontest at gmail dot com

  9. Cheryl A says:

    Barbie clothes–what an excellent idea! My girls have many Barbie’s, and play with them sporadically so I didn’t really want to get them new dolls…but they ooo and ahhh over all the advertised dolls. Might be a nice compromise 🙂 Barbie clothes is my favourite of the day!

  10. Susanne C says:

    The best stocking stuffers I think, would be Barrel of Monkeys (hours of fun) and the ‘Canada Doodles’ book.

  11. Heather Swanson says:

    Nestle club igloo

  12. Joan G. says:

    I like the Reflect-a-Sketch for my granddaughter.

  13. Lindsey says:

    The Club Igloo and the Lego trinket mini boxes!

  14. Manuel Vizcaya says:

    My favourite ‘Stocking Stuffers for Kids’ gift idea is the 3D car puzzle.

  15. Audrey Skinner says:

    I love the reflect a sketch and the Canada doodles.

  16. I think the Reflect-a-Sketch is a really great gift

  17. Erin McSweeney says:

    A Reflect-a-Sketch kit… with that i might actually be able to draw haha

  18. mcmc says:

    Reflect a sketch and the Canada doodles would also be fun for the adults .

  19. Loretta Krauter says:

    The barrel of monkeys – one of those classics that never gets old!

  20. cookie3 says:

    The Reflect-a-Sketch is a great gift idea & for the really young ones I like those Munchkin Bath Crayons.

  21. Erika E says:

    My favourite is the Reflect-a-Sketch kit.

  22. Dreena says:

    My favourites are Mr Men & Little Miss Mad Libs and Nestlé Club Igloo.

  23. Julia H says:

    My favourite is the Canada Doodles book. I know a little girl who would love it.

  24. Jessica e says:

    Reflect-a-Sketch kit is really neat ! subscriber

  25. Constantine says:


  26. Valerie Gibson says:

    I like the Barrel of Monkeys.

  27. Kimberley Graham says:

    I like the 3d Car puzzles and the Reflect a Sketch

  28. jason bernatt says:

    my kids would go crazy for this

  29. Burcu says:

    I love InRoad Toys PlayTape

  30. Susan says:

    My favourite stocking stuffer is the Reflect A Sketch.

  31. Tracy says:

    My ten year old is Lego crazy and would love this: LEGO Mini Trinket Boxes – $5.95 each @ ROLO I have never seen them before -but will start looking for sure!

  32. Dru Edmiston says:

    Munchkin Crayons and Reflect a Scetch

  33. tammy ta says:

    My fav. stocking stuffer for kids is the chocolate-they would love it!

  34. intensev5 says:

    I like the Nestlé Club Igloo

  35. Alison K says:

    I’m a subscriber. From this post, my favourite ‘Stocking Stuffers for Kids’ gift ideas are Nestlé Club Igloo, InRoad Toys PlayTape, Canada Doodles, 3D Car Puzzles, and Reflect-a-Sketch. I like the fact that all your ideas don’t involve batteries, bonus! 🙂

  36. Alison K says:

    @RaincoastBooks bonus entry: FOLLOWED & TWEETED

  37. louise says:

    Im thinking the best stocking stuffer would be Barrel of Monkeys

  38. jay n says:

    The lego boxes and the 3d puzzles

  39. Doug Mickey says:

    Canada Doodles

  40. Leigh S says:

    The Munchkin bath crayons!! Right now they pay with empty shampoo containers

  41. Anne Derkat says:

    The nestle club igloo.

  42. janicour says:

    Reflect-a-Sketch – @ Carly’s Regal Gifts so creative, my favourite,, I have a grand aughter who would love these Barbie Outfits – @ Walmart

  43. janicour says:

  44. Pam says:

    Old School…barrel of monkeys:)

  45. Lori Shmuir says:

    My favourite Mr Men and Little Miss Mad Libs is my favourite!

  46. Jenn Douma says:

    I love the barrel of monkeys!

  47. michelle halliday says:

    I like the Lego trinket boxes

  48. Steven Y says:

    Barrel of Monkeys was so much fun!

  49. nikki robak says:

    I liked in road toys on fb

  50. nikki robak says:

    I like barrel of monkeys

  51. nikki robak says:

    I liked carly’s regal gifts on fb

  52. Shelley N says:

    Your link for Nestle FB did not work so I liked Turtles Canada and posted there -hopefully that was right

  53. Andrea Williams says:

    I like the Nestle Club Igloo and the mini LEGO boxes.

  54. S. Hirano says:

    I like the Canada Doodles book. I might have to go and buy a few copies since it would make a good gift to little family members that live over seas.

  55. Patricia says:

    Barrel of Monkeys Game is always a kid pleaser

  56. ikkinlala says:

    Canada Doodles looks like fun to me.

  57. veRONIca says:

    The 3D car puzzles look amazingly cool! I would love to play with them lol

  58. Sylvia S. says:

    I like the 3D Car Puzzles.

  59. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite ‘Stocking Stuffers for Kids’ gift ideas are from this post are the Nestle Chocolate packages and the Lego Mini Trinket Boxes

  60. SueSueper says:

    My favourite ‘Stocking Stuffers for Kids’ are Nestlé Club Igloo and Reflect-a-Sketch

  61. William Mills says:

    Nestlé Club Igloo

  62. Surso S. says:

    i always give the kids practical stocking stuffers like nail clippers, nail files, chap sticks..etcs

  63. l p says:

    love the Canada Doodles by Megan Radford. what a great idea. thanks

  64. Jessica Lord says:

    canada doodles

  65. stacey h says:

    A Reflect-a-Sketch kit is a great idea – my little artist would love it

  66. Elaine Buonsante says:

    My favourite stocking stuffer shown here is the Reflect-a-Sketch. My granddaughter would love it!

  67. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the Canada Doodles book!

  68. Elaine Buonsante says:

    I liked Nestle on Facebook:

    On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 9:06 PM, Elaine Buonsante wrote:

    > My favourite stocking stuffer shown here is the Reflect-a-Sketch. My > granddaughter would love it! > > On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 5:26 AM, Canadian Gift Guide <

  69. Elaine Buonsante says:

    I liked InRoad Toys on Facebook at

    On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 9:24 PM, Elaine Buonsante wrote:

    > I liked Nestle on Facebook: > > > On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 9:06 PM, Elaine Buonsante > wrote: > >> My favourite stocking stuffer shown here is the Reflect-a-Sketch. My >> granddaughter would love it! >> >> On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 5:26 AM, Canadian Gift Guide <

  70. Elaine Buonsante says:

    I liked Carlys Regal Gifts on Facebook at

  71. edmontonjb says:

    I love the reflect-a-sketch and the Nestle treats!

  72. kelly says:

    I love this, there are some ideas here I’ve never even seen.

  73. mousecat says:

    My two favourite things on this list are the reflect-a-sketch and the inroads tape.

  74. Darlene Boyle says:

    the chocolate trio

  75. joyce s. says:

    Barrel of monkeys – great toy

  76. Glogirl says:

    I’m a subscriber.
    My favourite gift idea is the barbie outfits. I would have loved that as a child!

  77. I like the reflect-a-sketch very much. It allows a child to draw and experience creatitive positive drawing and may encourage a child to go on and try other artistic goals! Great gift !

  78. nicolthepickle says:

    The Muchkin bath Crayons. I was looking at some but they were $15 and I thought that was a bit much. These are much more affordable. Next time I make a order I’ll add those.

  79. nicolthepickle says:

    Turtles comment.

  80. nicolthepickle says:

    inroads comment.

  81. nicolthepickle says:

  82. nicolthepickle says:
  83. BlessedTA says:


  84. Tina L. says:

    I like the A Reflect-a-Sketch kit.

  85. Patricia R says:

    I like the Play tape, road tape

  86. I like the Reflect-A-Sketch. I can remember playing with this obsessively as a child.

  87. I follow Raincoast books and tweeted

  88. I’ve liked Nestle on FB and commented

  89. Sunshine G says:

    I like the Lego mini boxes!

  90. Marlene says:

    Mr Men & Little Miss Mad Libs
    Nestlé Club Igloo

  91. Donna L. says:

    I like the 3D Car Puzzles

  92. Tracy D says:

    I’m already a subscriber :). My niece would absolutely love the Reflect A Sketch!

  93. aly3360 says:

    i think the reflect a sketch and the lego trinket boxes are both fun gift ideas for kids. The trinket boxes would be excellent for advent calendars.

  94. aly3360 says:

    left a comment on the turtles fb page

  95. Heather ROss says:

    Love the “reflect-a-sketch!” If I win this prize I will put it away with the other toys I picked up on sale on Boxing Day to be donated to the Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, and other programs in my area.

  96. Florence C says:

    the 3D car puzzles and Lego Mini Trinket Boxes make great stocking stuffers.

  97. Suzie M says:

    I like the REFLECT – A – SKETCH it would go over great here

  98. Suzie M says:

  99. Michael L. says:

    I like the Reflect-a-Sketch kit.

  100. Maria McLachlan says:

    Absolutely love that play tape and how affordable it is. Can make designs on table top, walls too. So fun.

  101. Katie says:

    I think the 3D car puzzles are great – my nephews would love them!

  102. Susan Stirling says:

    I love the 3D car puzzles and my grandsons would too!

  103. Trevor says:

    Love the Barrel of Monkeys!

  104. Trevor says:

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