Free and Clear


What It Is: I’d heard of Janji a few months ago and I’m pleased to finally share this awesome brand with you. In a nutshell, Janji is a fitness wear brand based out of Boston. If you want to get technical about it, they focus on running gear in bright colours and prints. But, like other triple bottom line-oriented brands before them (such as TOMS, to name a more infamous example), Janji aims to do more. They recognize that in some ways, running is a bit of a privilege here in North America. When we run for pleasure or sport, we get dehydrated and need to down some liquids to stay flush with fluids. But there are so many places in the world where this basic right – access to clean water – is virtually unheard of. That’s why Janji teams up with water organizations around the globe to donate a portion of their proceeds to support those in need and get their water running. For every item you purchase, pay attention – it’ll tell you exactly where your charitable dollars are going and for how long you’re providing clean water. So the next time you throw on a pair of Janji’s shorts or tights or a tank – for men or women – you’ll feel doubly good as you pound the pavement; from the endorphins you’re generating and the lives you’re improving.

Who It’s For: Your marathon mastering sibling, as a congratulations gift. Your loves to run spouse, as a nice birthday present with meaning. Your fellow gym bunny, as a way to keep each other motivated and feel extra great about working out.

What It Costs: With a handful of exceptions, most pieces are under $50.

Where It’s At: Janji is available online, and they ship to Canada ($20).

As an extra special bonus today, I’m going to let you guys in on a secret. Over the next several weeks, Janji will be releasing a new item every Wednesday. You can use the coupon code ‘newproduct10’ from noon onwards (EST) to nab 10% off their latest developments. Happy shopping!

5 Responses to “Free and Clear”
  1. Karen MacKenzie says:

    Really nice clothing; my daughter would love it!

  2. Joan G. says:

    Thanks, both my grandkids are athletes and would love some of these items.

  3. Susan Patterson says:

    Great selection – my daughter is always working out – thank you!

  4. Skylin Martin says:

    Love the patterns! Always looking for more active wear!

  5. diane says:

    Thanks, nice stuff.

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