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Tis the season for deep discounts – which is happy news if you’re apprehensive about those pending holiday bills…but can’t resist that cute sweater you’ve been eyeballing for the last six months. Today I thought I’d point you in the direction of ModCloth’s gigantic clearance sale, with their best prices of the season – up to 70% off! Below are a few of my fave finds, but happy shopping to find some others for yourself!

Let’s Taco About Dinner Tee – $10.99
I get it – not everyone is super into dresses and all things girly. ModCloth has plenty of super casual options too though, like their fine lineup of graphic tees. Case in point? This adorable taco-themed top that’s perfect for chilling with friends or at home.

Flirty Curtsy Dress – $44.99
On the flip side, if you want gorgeous, feminine dresses, ModCloth is a great U.S.-based source. This stunner is a perfect transitional piece that somehow works in all seasons (florals = spring / summer, black = winter) and for all occasions (modest cut = day dress, festive florals = wedding-worthy).

Styled All the While Tunic in Black – $14.99
If you’re looking for an easygoing throw-on outfit, this travel-friendly tunic is a great pick. It’s sheer, so be sure to pack leggings a tank to go with, but the light weight, wrinkle-free material makes it an easy choice to throw on for day to night dressing. Bonus – it also comes in white!

Hand in Handicraft Dress – $26.99
ModCloth has also recently put more and more into their own ‘house brand’, which carries fun prints and flattering cuts. Case in point? This whimsical, folk art-inspired sky blue dress that comes with a matching plum-hued belt. It looks adorable with tights or on its own come warmer weather – so stock up now!

Crepe Expectations Sweater in Forest Green – $14.99
If you’re still in winter wear mode, then now is definitely the time to stock up on well-priced pieces that’ll get you through the next few chilly months. This cuddly, tunic-length sweater is a great compromise thanks to its shorter sleeves but warm neck. Available in a few shades (although not all are on sale), it’s an easygoing pick that looks great with leggings.

Vision of Precision Bag – $13.99
If you’re one of those online shoppers that is wary about fit, then I’d actually steer you away from ModCloth, because obviously shipping back to the U.S. on your own dime is not fun (for the record, Ever Rose offers free returns on anything that doesn’t work). However, a happy medium for those that want something from ModCloth is to check out their accessories. They offer tons of jewelry, hats, belts, gloves, and bags, all of which are pretty stress-free to order because size isn’t really a factor. Check out this cute tapestry-inspired shoulder bag that’s a bit 90s-throwback, a bit ladylike chic!

Want an extra entry into my Dear Lil’ Devas giveaway? Check out ModCloth’s biggest sale of the season and leave me a link below to your favourite find from all their steals and deals!

23 Responses to “Sale On”
  1. nicolthepickle says:

    Oh my the cute clothes. I love these pants. They’re like leggings but flared. 70’s here I come!

  2. diane says:

    So many great options. Love the Travel top in elephants.

  3. Kim K says:

    I like the Lovely As Lychee Dress and I also like the flirty curtsy dress you mentioned in your article.

  4. Lynda Larsen-Baldry says:

    I like all the items but as I love elephants I really like the trusty travel top in elephants

  5. Susan says:

    I am starting to look for a dress for a spring wedding and liked this one!

  6. Kimberley Hamilton says:

    I am in love with the Madeline tee, she was definitely my favourite childhood character!

  7. Shelley N says:

    I really like these shoes. fun colours and the price is right at 8.99 . Hot optical of conversation flat is what it is called

  8. Alison K says:

    Dear Lil’ Devas bonus entry: Checked out ModCloth’s biggest sale of the season and my favourite find from all their steals and deals is their Full Gleam Ahead Dress

  9. Susan Patterson says:

    I really like the simple song top! Thank you!

  10. Victoria Ess says:

    Oh my gosh, my favourite is the dress you posted!

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