10 for $10: Oh So Handy Edition

10 for $10 Handy Gifts

Got $10 to spare this month? Then you’ll definitely love these 10 gift ideas for $10 or less (taxes and shipping notwithstanding). This time I’m highlighting great gift ideas to solve life’s little challenges – whether to save you time, money, or otherwise!

Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Every Drop Beauty Spatula – $6.50 @ Musst
Get every last bit of that pricey foundation or lotion with this petite spatula, designed to fit even the most narrow of bottle openings.

Aladdin Expandable Snack Container

Aladdin Expandable Snack Container $8.69 @ Amazon.ca
love being eco-friendly and packing my treats in reusable containers, I don’t love taking a bag full of clunky plastic containers home at the end of the day. This handy snack container is a space-saving solution. Once you’re done munching, collapse your container for easy transport!

Chef’n Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper  – $9.99 @ Amazon.ca

Love fresh herbs but always seem to be throwing some out? This nifty little gadget helps you preserve the flavour of fresh herbs in the freezer, instead of constantly tossing them out.

Hydro Chew Toy Hugs Pet Products

Hugs Pet Products Hydro Chew Toy – $7.80 @ Amazon.ca
Your dog loves to nonstop play in the summer – but you want them to stay hydrated! Enter this water soluble chew toy. Simply douse it in water and as your pet plays, they’ll also lap up some much-needed water. Perfect for days at the park!

Bernardin Dissolvable Labels

Bernardin Dissolvable Labels – $4.49 @ Canadian Tire
Calling all home cooks! Or at least, canners. These useful labels can be applied to your homemade preserves and pickled foods, then wash away with water with ease. No more sticky messes and wrecking your nails trying to pick your jar clean!

Staple Free Stapler

Staple-Free Stapler – $4.80 each @ Lee Valley
Staples are a pain! Between rarely working and always being out of reach, your stapler can quickly become your nemesis. That is, until this handy gadget came along – it’s an eco-friendly alternative that can press together multiple pages by crimping the paper together.

Mini Hottie Hand Warmer
Nordic Mini Hottie Hand Warmer – $9.99 @ Outer Layer Cards & Gifts
I’m all for those little heat pockets that keep your hands warm when shoveling the driveway or scraping off your windshield…but they’re awfully pricy! This handy little device looks like a hot water bottle and produces a similar heating effect. The difference? It’s totally reusable!

KSP Steady Spoon Rest with Lid Stand

KSP Steady Spoon Rest with Pot Lid Rest – $9.99 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus
Nobody likes a messy kitchen – or having to use paper towels to keep pot lids and spoons off the counters between recipe steps. This stainless steel countertop piece does two tasks at once: keeping your spoons and lids close at hand but off the counters.


Vazu Vases – $5.95 each @ Surreal Gift
I like vases as much as the next person – but I don’t have fresh flowers all the time and I hate how much room they take up! Enter Vasu, a unique vase concept that’s as sturdy as a regular vase – but folds when not in use!

Pancake Pen

Think Kitchen Pancake Pen – $3.98 @ Stokes
Admittedly not so much a problem but just something with a major cool factor – although if you want to look at it as saving you tons of money from not buying pancakes molds, so be it. Fill up this cool gadget with pancake batter and get creative over breakfast!

BONUS ENTRY into this month’s Find of the Month for Charm In Candle – tell me in the comments below, what’s your favourite gift idea from this list?

35 Responses to “10 for $10: Oh So Handy Edition”
  1. The tiny spatula is a great idea, hate to
    Waste expensive creams

  2. Karen says:

    I make lots of pickles and jams, would really use those labels.

  3. janicour says:

    I love the Bernardin Dissolvable Labels . I always find if a pain to soak off the old ones.

  4. redlizzy1 says:

    I love the staple-free stapler from Lee Valley. Love this store and can spend an hour or two just browsing what they have. Plus they offer great customer service too.

  5. katydidit21 says:

    I love the makeup spatula. I hate to waste expensive creams and make up.

  6. Joan G. says:

    Great finds – I like the KSP Steady Spoon Rest with Pot Lid Rest, the Bernardin Dissolvable Labels and the Makeup spatula.

  7. Heather Swanson says:

    I like the snack containers

  8. aketch says:

    The Vazu Vases are really chic!

  9. Aimee says:

    The pancake pen would be great for camping. I am a subscriber

  10. Kay Burke says:

    These are great ideas, without spending a fortune. Love the spatula & the spoon rest.

  11. Linda Brunner says:

    All great but the Vazu vases are really cool

  12. Anne Derkat says:

    I would really go for the staple free stapler.

  13. Josie says:

    I love the Vazu vases

  14. anxiouscanadianmom says:

    The expandable snack container would be perfect!

  15. Linda Richter says:

    Oh the annoyance of having to go through paperwork to remove the staples before shredding, the
    Staple-Free Stapler is a brilliant find!

  16. cookie3 says:

    the staple free stapler is a great idea as well as the Hydro chew toy.

  17. Lindsey says:

    Ooh I love the pot lid holder and spoon rest!

  18. dabrowne says:

    I like the Bernardin jar labels

  19. mcmc says:

    the staple free stapler is a great idea.

  20. Giselle says:

    I love the Every Drop Spatula! These are all great ideas!

  21. aclily19 says:

    I really need one of the KSP Steady Spoon Rest with Pot Lid Rest. I leave a mess everytime…

  22. intensev5 says:

    I like the Pancake Pen

  23. Kim K says:

    I like the Every Drop Beauty Spatula

  24. mousecat says:

    The Every Drop Beauty Spatula is awesome and my fave from this list!

  25. Susan says:

    I like the Every Drop Beauty Spatula and the Staple Free Stapler!

  26. Kim Hamilton says:

    Firstly, obsessed with your 10 for $10 lists!!!
    Secondly, love the vases. Look retro and cute for summer.

  27. Shelley N says:

    I really like the Vazu vases -very cute and a great price

  28. Jennifer Kelsie says:

    OHHHHH my little guy has been watching you tube videos of pancake art! We would love to try the Pancake Pen! Didn’t think of checking Stokes! Thanks 😀

  29. beewbedard says:

    I love the Vazu Vases

  30. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the KSP Steady Spoon Rest with Pot Lid Rest!

  31. Lisa S says:

    I love the pancake pen but know so many people that would jump for joy over the dissolvable canning labels…

  32. Alison K says:

    Bonus “Find of the Month: Charm In Candle” entry: my favourite gift idea from this list would be the KSP Steady Spoon Rest with Pot Lid Rest! Could totally use this in my kitchen & will not go hunt it down! Thanks 🙂

  33. diane says:

    I like the staple-free stapler.

  34. The bernardin dissolvable labels are my favourite. I spend hours soaking those things.

  35. Lorna Braun says:

    beauty spatula

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