Find of the Month: Present Day

Gift baskets and boxes may have a bit of a fusty reputation – you’re probably picturing something that’s mostly stuffing and waxy-tasting chocolate almonds. That is, until now. Enterprising shops like Present Day – this month’s big find – have reinvented the classic gift basket into something totally modern, hip, and full of amazing gift ideas all tidily bundled into a convenient package. I *adore* the idea of discovering new brands through one of their gift baskets – Present Day prides itself on working with Canadian (namely Toronto-based) crafters that produce high quality, luxurious products you’ll fall in love with.


I’m highlighting five of my favourite gift baskets from Present Day, just in time for the holiday season. You can nab these baskets for your staff, suppliers, friends, hosts, you name it – they don’t feel impersonal at all, because the products are so carefully curated and lovingly wrapped up. So without further ado, come check out some amazing gift ideas that require no more than a few clicks to bring into a loved one’s life!


Blush Box – $100
First up, a box that’s pretty much universally perfect for any woman, at any age, filled with gifts she’ll treasure. Kick things off with a relaxing soak in the tub using rose-scented bath salts, while you light the included rose and cedar soy candle. Then jot down some thoughts in the pretty pink notebook while munching on the artisan milk chocolate and sea salt bar. Finish things off with a simple sparkly bracelet, dried flowers, and a mini handmade bud vase to decorate your desk with some greenery. Gift it to everyone from your mother-in-law to your best friend!


Whisky Groomsman Box – $70Sparkling Bridesmaid Box – $58
These days, brides and grooms are looking for creative ways to thank their wedding party for well, being a part of their party! These cute gift boxes are perfect for either asking someone to join in the festivities, or as a thank you gift for partaking in the wedding. And they’re far from the only ones Present Day offers – check out their entire wedding collection for fantastic gift ideas at a range of price points and themes, so you can even tailor each box a bit to your party’s likes. Plus you can include a custom note that’s appropriate for whatever stage of the wedding you’re gifting it.


Little Cuddles Baby Gift Set – $100
This is the newest – but certainly not the only – baby gift box available from Present Day. It’s filled with wonderful and practical essentials for new babies (and moms!), including super soft scratch mitts, a cap, washcloths and a stuffed animal, plus a swoonworthy vintage Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit book. The simple white theme makes it totally gender neutral, while the lovely packaging makes it a thoughtful gift for your coworker, cousin, or other baby mama in your life.


Culinary Gift Box – $62
If the person you’re gifting isn’t into, shall we say, semi-permanent items like candles or bath products, then opt for something they’ll use on the regular, like a food-based gift box. This charming set is jam-packed with artisanal Canadian products, including infused sea salt, olive oil, mustard, spices, and a zippy hot sauce. Again, it’s one of many different culinary options out there – you can also pick up ones geared toward specific loves like alcohol, coffee or wine.


The Woodsman Box – $108
You may have noticed that lots of these gifts are totally unisex – yet another awesome perk of shopping with Present Day  (they even have sets for couples). But some sets are also tailor-made for just the ladies or just the lads, like this rugged chic set filled with awesome picks like a hand sewn handkerchief, cedar wood bottle opener, and slick minimalist pocket knife. Of course, it’s not all serious – there’s also some sweetly exquisite chocolate skulls that are hand painted as well! A great gift for your new brother-in-law to welcome him to the family, or for your dad, or even your hubby.


I’m so excited to get to introduce Present Day to you guys this month. I truly believe it’s an awesome gifting resource if you’re either a little gun shy about a particular gift for someone in your life, or if you’re simply shopping for someone that loves to discover new, independent brands (often based in Canada). I’m doubly excited to give some of you a chance to try out Present Day for yourselves – I’m giving away 3x $50 gift codes so you can check out a box of your own. Want to win one? Here’s how to enter:

1) First off! You must be a Canadian Gift Guide subscriber to enter this giveaway. Just find the ‘Gift of Gab’ box on the righthand side of this page and either hit ‘Follow’ or enter your email address. Once you’ve done that, leave me a comment by October 31, 2016 with a link back to your favourite gift box on the Present Day website.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around November 1, 2016 to select the winner(s), who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: Like Present Day on Facebook and leave a wall post on which of their boxes are your favourites. Link back to your wall post in a separate comment below. 

5) Bonus Entry #2: Follow Present Day on Pinterest and repin your favourite item from their boards. Share a link to your Pin in a separate comment below.

6) Bonus Entry #3: Follow Present Day on Instagram and either Regram one of their photos and take a photo from their site and share it on your own feed, tagging them in it. Leave a link back to your photo in the comments below in a separate comment.

Don’t forget! There’s often many other chances to earn bonus entries into all of my giveaways. As a subscriber, keep an eye out on daily posts for more ways to enter to win!

175 Responses to “Find of the Month: Present Day”
  1. aketch says:

    I love the little cuddles baby gift set!

  2. Joan G. says:

    I like the Food & Drink Gift Basket – Best of both worlds

  3. CLC says:

    These are lovely. I like the culinary one.

  4. Chanel O says:

    Wonderful gift ideas! My sister is getting married and I would like to celebrate by giving her the 14K Gold Initial Charm Necklace

  5. Cathy Plesz says:

    Love this Idea! Great take on the Gift basket ! All of the baskets are great but personally I would love the Food & drink Gift basket

  6. Jason Quarrie says:

    My favorite was The Gent (, and love that substitutions can be made, since that allows you to personalize the gift to each individual groomsman!

  7. cookie3 says:

    Love this site, willl keep it in mind for Xmas. I love the culinery box

  8. katydidit21 says:

    My favourite box is the Housewarming Box.

  9. sophie lapierre says:

    Oh wow ! Those boxes are all very amazing , hard to choose !! I’ll pick the : Thank you so much for that pretty contest !

  10. Dawn gordon says:

    Subscriber here I like the housewarming box

  11. Jennifer Deol says:

    As a tea-lover, I would try the Tea Gift Box with English Breakfast tea leaves

  12. Aimee says:

    These are very nicely put together
    I like this one:
    I am a subscriber

  13. jared says:

    gift boex/baskets are an easy way to give gifts, these certainly look expensive.

  14. lindsay dwarka says:

    what a cool company! i think “the good guy” is a great box for a groomsman b/c guys are generally hard to buy for…

  15. They are all so beautiful but if I had to choose just one I’d pick “Wanderlust”

  16. DebP says:

    Very nice boxes. My favorite would be the Old Fashioned Box

  17. Mary Warner says:

    The Culinary gift box because every has to eat.

  18. krysta d says:

    I love the “Shareable Sweets” box – what a cute idea!

  19. Kathleen L says:

    They all look amazing but I think the Retreat would be my favourite. I want to try the bath salt

  20. Debra says:

    They look so good, I think I would like Culinery or Food and Drink.

  21. Alison K says:

    I’m a Canadian Gift Guide subscriber. My favourite gift box on the Present Day website would be their SHAREABLE SWEETS option

  22. AliKira says:

    The large welcome box is my favourite:

  23. Alison K says:

    Bonus Instagram Entry: Followed Present Day on Instagram and share

  24. Susan says:

    I like Present Day’s Shareable Sweets box.

  25. Julia H says:

    I’m a subscriber. I like the tea one: I’m a total tea addict, so this would be perfect. I like the fancy honey that is included, and the tea towel is lovely and a classic. Thanks for the chance!

  26. Lisa Morrison says:

    I like this gift box

  27. janicour says: Great idea, and I ordered one, as i have a housewarming gift to buy Perfect!!

  28. AnnieP says:

    It was hard to pick just one fav, but my pick is:

  29. Stacey M. says:

    They all look so fantastic! I have been trying to think of a good housewarming gift for a buddy and he LOVES a good Old Fashioned, so I would definitely have to pick

  30. angela eagle says: looks like a good gift to give a man you cant figure out what to buy for

  31. angela eagle says:
  32. Viv Sluys says:

    I’d like to get the new mom & baby box for my sister-in-law.

  33. Erin McSweeney says:

    my favourite box is the culinary box

  34. aly3360 says:

    I subscribe to your blog and I would love to check out the SHAREABLE SWEETS box!

  35. aly3360 says:

    I’m following them on pinterest and re-pinned one of my favourite boxes!

  36. Joy D says:

    So many delightful choices. I would choose Retreat

  37. Tracy C says:

    They are all so beautiful! I really like the Lovely Box! 🙂

  38. There are so many good ones. I really like the culinary gift box

  39. Dawn gordon says:

    Bonus entry for your cost of arms post-love the black one

  40. Linda Ryan says:
    This is a hard choice to make but my sweet tooth won.

  41. Valerie Gibson says:

    It’s hard to choose, but I pick the Retreat box.

  42. Lori says:

    WOW – these boxes are amazing! Hard to choose just one…but I pick this:

  43. laura says:

    I really like the Food and Drink basket as gifts-

  44. Donnas says:

    I’m a subscriber and I really like the boxes, especially the housewarming box:

  45. Donnas says:

    Follow on Pinterest and pinned:

  46. Donnas says:

    Liked on Facebook and posted:

  47. dabrowne says:

    I don’t know how to do the link thing to enter the contest, but I love these baskets. The Welcome Baby would be my pick, as I am going to be a first time grandmother in 2 weeks!

  48. Holly says:

    I like the Pampered Pup! Great for my friends that have a new fur baby!

  49. dawn gordon says:

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Shopping Sorceress (@shoppingsorcery) on

  50. Pam Clark says:

    I love the culinary box, but I would love it for myself (greedy person that I am)

  51. Dreena says:

    Subscriber. “Blush Box” is my favourite:

  52. Milley says:

    I like the shareable sweets one the best!

  53. Sunshine G says:

    I have a lot of cooks in my life (luckily for me) so this would be a hit:

  54. Steven says:

    I would have to pick the Little Cuddles box for my new niece.

  55. Jay Al-noor says:

    aww these r so nice i would really liek any and i will be happy ❤ and spread the contest around ❤ xOoxo

  56. Steph says:

    hard to pick but the Food & Drink Boxset looks amazing !

  57. Caroline Archer says:

    I love the Culinary Gift Box! The others are great as well but I have a specific person in mind for this, he’s usually really hard to shop for 🙂

  58. jasmyth says:

    They all look fantastic but I would have to pick the housewarming gift box.

  59. gloria konelsky says:

    Would definately use the culinary gift box

  60. Cathy C says:

    I would like to try the shareable sweets gift basket.

  61. KellyPC says:

    I can think of about 7 different people who would love to receive this!

  62. angela eagle says:
  63. angela eagle says:

  64. YARA M says:

    Love this concept! Very helpful when you’re out of ideas and time ! Going through the gifts, I liked the “sweet bridesmaid” box ! Very elegant and such a sweet treat!

  65. Brenda Penton says:

    The Shareable Sweets box is my favourite.

  66. Nancy Aderholdt says:

    I like a culinary box gift….

  67. Marina McNeil says:

    These look amazing I’d like any one of them

  68. I’d love the Culinary Gift Box

  69. Edith Rennes says:

    The Shareable Sweets looks just fine to me

  70. Carole Dube says:

    I follow Follow Present Day on Pinterest and repinned:

  71. pj says:

    Because I love cooking my favorite has to be

  72. talah says:

    i like the food and drink box

  73. wawi says:

    I like the retreat box.Great gift idea! (Or keep it for myself…hee hee)

  74. Edmond says:

    I luv this: Divine. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

  75. Barbara H says:

    I really love THE GENT. I would give it to my Brother who’s turning 65 in February.

  76. I like the blush box

  77. Laura feist says:

    I love the baby gift

  78. doreen lamoureux says:

    I subscribe by email. I love the
    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  79. Linda says:

    I really like the looks of the food and drink box –

  80. Eniko Gaspar says:

    Little Cuddles Baby Gift Set – $100 I love love love

  81. Sarah says:

    Well, it was a toss up between the Good Morning Basket and the Blush Basket . . . but I have to go with the gorgeous Blush Basket!

  82. Sarah says:

    Here’s a link to my pin! The beautiful bridesmaid boxes

  83. Sunshine G says:

    I like the Food & Drink Gift Basket – can never try enough new things!

  84. lucy says:

    Love the Culinary gift box

  85. Tracy D says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  86. aly3360 says:

    My favourite gift box on their site is the WELCOME BABY BASKET.

  87. Aarone Mawdsley says:

    i like the culinary gift box

  88. wai man says:

    i fancy culinary gift box, entry pls

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