Now That’s a Wrap


What It Is: I was packing for a bucket list trip recently and was looking for some sort of wrap that would work for a range of occasions – and quickly landed on the Vinyasa Scarf from lululemon as a winning option. This stretchy scarf comes with a row of snaps that allow you to transform it from mere neck warmer to a whole range of other applications – including as a cardigan, shawl, and even a turban (believe it or not, one of the use cases I was looking for). Check out this fun video for all 10 ways it can be worn. It’s also made from supremely soft material, can roll up to take up minimal space, and it comes in six great colours – from bold sporty textured prints like the ones you see above, to simple solids (I opted for basic black).

Who It’s For: The world traveler, to tuck into her carry-on. The gym bunny, to wear to and from yoga class. The chilly coworker, to keep her warm from the AC blasts.

What It Costs: $48

Where It’s At: Nab it at lululemon here.

BONUS ENTRY into my Kismet Essentials giveaway – tell me in the comments below, what do you think of this simple yet versatile gift idea? What colour would you get it in?

34 Responses to “Now That’s a Wrap”
  1. SandyS says:

    What a versatile idea. My favourite would be the black/white.

  2. aclily19 says:

    It’s cute, but I was hoping for better when I saw the post. Personally I didn’t like the way the shawl, card or shirt looked. Some of them also looked like they were really restricting your arm movement. I liked the scarf options, but you can do most with a regular infinity scarf. For the price I would pass on this one.

  3. Tom D. says:

    Very versatile item. Black is best.

  4. Chanel O says:

    Very cute! I would order this in black since it would match almost anything

  5. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    What a cute idea. I would go for basic black too.

  6. Kim K says:

    I love this idea and would wear it for sure. My favourite colour is space dye camo berry rumble multi.

  7. Joan G. says:

    Just in time for fall – I also love the space dye camo berry rumble multi

  8. aketch says:

    Black is practical but I love the teal. What a versatile wrap! There is always room for one more in my closet.

  9. Perfect for me I’m always cold

  10. Sherry K says:

    i absolutely love this. I would choose the coco pique black white colour.

  11. Heather Swanson says:

    Alberta Lake teal is pretty

  12. Aimee says:

    I would buy the grey one. This is a great idea. I am a subscriber.

  13. Kay Burke says:

    love this – love layers as I go from hot to cold fast! The Alberta Teal colour is perfect for a pop of colour over neutral travel clothes.

  14. Jaee says:

    Any time you can use clothing in different ways is good

  15. janicour says:

    Great idea My favourite colour is space dye camo berry rumble multi.

  16. katydidit21 says:

    I really like this. I would choose the coco pique black white scarf.

  17. Alyssa says:

    I’d like the black and white one for myself or as a gift for my family! Looks really nice.

  18. Victoria Ess says:

    The coco pique black white/black colour is easy to match!

  19. Anne Derkat says:

    What a neat idea. I’d go for the basic black.

  20. Susan says:

    I love the versatility of this wrap! I would choose black.

  21. Katie says:

    I like it – it’s pretty and practical. I would get the light blue.

  22. Lindsey says:

    I would like purple!

  23. I would choose coco pique black white.

  24. AliKira says:

    I would choose coco pique black white

  25. intensev5 says:

    I like the space dye camo berry rumble multi colour

  26. Alison K says:

    BONUS Kismet Essentials ENTRY: I think this simple yet versatile gift idea would one of those gifts that one wishes could stay in the hands of the gifter 😉 I would get it in coco pique black white. Thanks

  27. cookie3 says:

    great idea- so versatile. I especially like the berry rumble multi color.

  28. Lynn Marie says:

    Love the versatility and the black is classic, could easily go from day to night and throughout all four seasons too. A terrific design with countless options.

  29. Lynn Marie says:

    A wonderful versatile wrap that would be classic in Black with great options to dress up or down through all four seasons

  30. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d choose coco pique black white.

  31. Jay Al-noor says:

    These are so cute n and decent for the fall time i would love to have one, i was not able to go shopping this year due to finance and i would be very happy to get this .

    Thanks XOX

  32. Kimberley Hamilton says:

    Ohhh I love this! I would get it in black because I’m boring and everything that I wear is black!

  33. Tainan Lu says:

    BONUS : It would be my essential . I would get the black

  34. Lisa S says:

    I love the space dye camo berry rumble multi (that’s a mouthful!)

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