Brow or Never: Benefit Has Got Your Brows Covered

Benefit Brow Solutions

What It Is: The other month I wrote a post that alluded to the fact Benefit Cosmetics has basically dominated the brow game – and as you can see from the image above, I wasn’t joking. They’ve literally got a brow product for every type of brow concern I can think of, in a range of formulations to suit your preferences, plus a few different colours (that coordinate perfectly across different products) to match your hair / skintone. I have tried almost all of these products at this point, and I have to say my faves are definitely the Gimme Brow – a mascara-like product that volumizes your brows in seconds – and the Ka-BROW – a gel-based product that fills ’em in.

Foolproof Brow Powder Benefit

Meanwhile, however, I’ve also had a chance to sample the brand’s latest offering, their Foolproof Brow Powder – one of the most classic ways to fill in your brows with a twist. A makeup artist recently told me that a lot of people will use a single product to fill their brows in, giving you a sort of monochrome (i.e. not natural) look. In actuality, she recommended using at least two shades, which these new powders do; one for the front half of your brow, and a darker one for the latter. The sponge applicator makes it a breeze to pick up just the right amount of product, while the included mini-spoolie helps you distribute the powder for a more even finish. With 12 hours of wear and buildable colour, it truly is foolproof – and purse-friendly!

Who It’s For: Your brow-obsessed bestie. Your experimenting with makeup niece. Yourself, cause your brows deserve to set off your other features.

What It Costs: The Foolproof Brow Powder retails for $32.

Where It’s At: Shop Benefit Cosmetics online, or visit Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques to sample it in person.

Bonus entry into yesterday’s Balance Explore giveaway – tell me in the comments below, which Benefit Cosmetics brow products are you most keen to try (or gift)? Not sure where to start? Try their product recommender here.

24 Responses to “Brow or Never: Benefit Has Got Your Brows Covered”
  1. Sherry K says:

    After having a look at their site, I think the Goof Proof Pencil would be a good place to start.

  2. katydidit21 says:

    I have never tried brow products and am most keen to try the Foolproof Brow Powder because it looks easy to use.

  3. mmtshali says:

    Hey beautiful I really enjoyed your post it was informative and written well…just gave your blog a follow I hope you follow back looking forward to more of those great posts 

  4. Aimee says:

    Foolproof brow powder looks good. I am a subscriber

  5. Heather Swanson says:

    my daughter would like these products

  6. Alyssa says:

    Gimme brow

  7. Lindsey says:

    I think that Precisely My Brow would be the best product for me.

  8. Mary Danieli says:

    I’d like to try the foolproof brow powder. I have pretty good brows. I get them tinted regularly, so this might do the trick.

  9. Kim K says:

    I’d like to try the gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel

  10. aketch says:

    I need their eyebrow pencils. My brows are getting so thin!

  11. Susan says:

    I’d like to try gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel after trying their “Find Your Perfect Products in 3 Steps” area.

  12. Joan G. says:

    I’d be interested in trying the Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit.

  13. Marlene V says:

    I would love to try the ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel color

  14. Alison K says:

    Bonus Balance Explore Entry : I’m most keen to try their defined & refined brows kit

  15. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I think I would like the goof proof eyebrow pencil

  16. sophie lapierre says:

    I would Looove to try this one ; ! But as a fan of Benefit cosmetics products but just can’t afford it, there is so much more that I would Looove to try !!! Thank you for this Awesome giveaway !!

  17. Both my daughters use their mascara

  18. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d love to try their soft & natural brows kit!

  19. Kelly H says:

    Although I am content with my brows, if i had to choose a product it would be this:

  20. cookie3 says:

    foolproof brow powder is the one I’d like to try.

  21. Anne Derkat says:

    I’d be interested in trying the Foolproof Brow Powder.

  22. tess rosario says:

    i want to try the ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel color

  23. bkick1 says:

    I would love to try the Goof Proof Brow Pencil.

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