Hot and Ready: DAVIDsTEA is Stirring Things Up With Soup Tea

What It Is: This week may as well be called ‘fall prep week’ on the blog given all the cozy and cute gift ideas I’ve been lining up. Case in point? DAVIDsTEA new line of soup teas – savoury soup mixes infused with a dash of energizing green tea for a broth-like soup you can sip any time of day while still getting your caffeine fix. Coming in three flavours to kick things off – I’m most curious about the Spicy Rasam flavour – these soup teas can be consumed in several different ways. Use a tea diffuser for a light, clear sippable hot drink, add them to a bowl of hot water for a thicker, hearty broth, or even mix ’em up and use them as a base for recipes…ramen, veggies, and other ingredients can turn these mixes into full-on meals. I know I know, it sounds weird and it takes a sec to wrap your head around it…but then? It’s kind of genius!

Who It’s For: Your caffeine-addicted spouse. Your always-chilly coworker. Your soup-loving sibling.

What It Costs: Each package sells for $12 for multiple servings, or you can buy a single-serve cup with a spoon for just $3.

Where It’s At: DAVIDsTEA stores and online.

Get an extra entry into my Hunt of Hounds giveaway by telling me in the comments below: Would you try this new product from DAVIDsTEA? What flavour?

29 Responses to “Hot and Ready: DAVIDsTEA is Stirring Things Up With Soup Tea”
  1. aketch says:

    I would likely pass on this one. I love my cup of tea, and I love my home made soup.

  2. Joan G. says:

    I would try it for a change – I prefer the Rosemary Black Pepper.

  3. Rachel C. says:

    I would definitely try it — sounds delicious (and low calorie!). I think the Spicy Rasam sounds yummy.

  4. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I would definitely try these. I’d most like the Tomato Turmeric Soup To Go.

  5. Katie B says:

    I would definitely try it – Spicy Rasam for me!

  6. Heather Swanson says:

    not for me

  7. I’m a huge David’s Tea fan but I’m going to be passing- I can’t drink green tea! Very cool idea, though

  8. Lindsey says:

    I’d try the turmeric one as a soup base.

  9. cookie3 says:

    I’d try the TOMATO
    TURMERIC one first.

  10. Kim K says:

    I love warmth of tea or cup of soup, so I’d give it a whirl….don’t know if I’d like it until I try it!

  11. Alyssa says:

    No I don’t like tea!

  12. Judy says:

    I’d try the Rosemary Black pepper, sounds interesting.

  13. Alison K says:

    Bonus Hunt of Hounds Entry : I would try this new product from DAVIDsTEA, more specifically their Tomato Turmeric. Thanks

  14. Susan says:

    The Spicy Rasam Soup-to-Go is most appealing to me.

  15. Marlene V says:

    I would love to try the spicy rasam soup. Sounds like a great idea.

  16. Kelly H says:

    Neat idea, but I would probably pass on it. I like soups hearty and homemade!

  17. bkick1 says:

    Sorry, but I would definitely pass on this idea. Tea is tea and soup is soup and never the 2 shall combine.

  18. dabrowne says:

    I would try the Tomato Turmeric, but probably would not buy because it is pricey.

  19. Victoria Ess says:

    I might try it but I’m skeptical!

  20. M. Archambeau says:

    I’d try Tomato Turmeric.

  21. Denae Boucher says:

    I’d try it if I got it for free otherwise I don’t think I’d spend the money on it.

  22. tess rosario says:

    I would try it for sure! sounds so interesting, I would try the tomato tumeric. I always love new ways of incorporating green tea

  23. angela eagle says:

    I’m a little leery but I’d give Spicy Rasam flavour a try

  24. Anne Derkat says:

    I have soup almost every day for lunch and even though this sounds really weird, | would give it a try.

  25. Spicy Rasam, maybe for my university daughter

  26. Laurie P says:

    I’m not a tea person, but I’m a little curious about the Tomato Turmeric

  27. CL Chin says:

    i’ll try the tomato tumeric

  28. Jessica eapen says:

    I’d give a try; I’m adventurous with food.

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